The Messiah In India

Alan Fensin

The Messiah in India is a novel based upon ancient Tibetan documents discovered by Nicolas Notovitch at the Himis Convent in Tibet. It tells of the adventures of the Messiah during his journey through India. This is a uniquely uplifting and positive book that has changed the lives of many who have read it.

“The wisdom of the masters brighten the pages of this extraordinary novel. Authentic down to the smallest detail, this is a beautiful desciption of the soul of India. It reveals spiritual truth and perhaps more important explores our relationship to this truth.” – Ed Viswanathan author of Daddy, Am I A Hindu?

The Messiah in India is an enlightening and helpful exploration of the levels of awareness we each go through on our path to self realization. This book changed my life for the better.” – Beverley Green

“An entertaining novel brimming with spiritual truth. I was fascinated with the possibility that the Messiah did go on a pilgrimage to India during his missing years.” – Chester Fortner

Soft cover, 90 pages.



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