Relating Psychically: Psychic Influences on Relationships

Sandra Stevens

The author Sandra Stevens is trained in Ericksonian hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming and the techniques and philosophy of Gay Bonner. She counsels people in private and group sessions, and conducts seminars and workshops in all aspects of psychic and spiritual awareness. She has written one other book, Being Alive Is Being Psychic.

This is a metaphysical book about unseen subtle influences affecting all the relationships in our lives including family, lovers, friends, marriage partners, and even enemies. These influences include the affects of past lives, telepathy, psychic bonds, recurring patterns, belief systems, and thought patterns; and explores how they influence our various relationships. The intent is to demonstrate how relationships offer opportunity and material for learning and growth in our lives.

Issues explored here:

Information on influences affecting relationships which may aid you in understanding problems or strong attractions to others.

Information on how to get in touch with your own inner self for greater self awareness.

Information on beliefs you may unconsciously hold which now affect your life.

Past life information which may be influencing your present life.

Soft cover, 154 pages.



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