Astrology and Spiritual Development

Donna Cunningham, MSW

“Donna Cunningham is one of the most talented writers in the field of modern astrology. Her observations are always original and challenging, and she has the gift of communicating profound insights in a remarkably clear accessible way.” – Stephen Arroyo

In Astrology and Spiritual Development Cunningham shares some understandings gained during her spiritual quest. This book discusses how to strive for psychic and spiritual development without becoming emotionally unbalanced of falling into the pop mentality she calls Wonderbread Metaphysics. Healing tools and guided meditations are given as aids to spiritual balance. Chapters dealing with counseling principles are also addressed to professional astrologers and to healers. Also, introduced here is a powerful new meditative practice called planetary scales, which will help you uplevel your expressions of the planets’ energies from destructive to constructive.

Several chapters are devoted to Neptune, which astrologically represents our deep urge to transcend ourselves and become part of something greater. Positively expressed, that urge leads us to the spiritual path, to service, and to creative self-expression. The negative expressions include escapism, addictions, and even loss of touch with reality. Insights into Neptune’s connections with these phenomena and with the collective unconscious are presented, along with healing tools to help those who wish to channel this transcendental urge for spiritual growth into more positive expressions.

Donna Cunningham is a well-known astrologer who has been speaking at national and international conferences since 1970. She has a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University and over 20 years counseling experience in settings including alcoholism, women’s health, hospitals, and psychiatric clinics. Cunningham is respected as a pioneer among astrologers for bringing psychological and spiritual insights into the field. She has also written over 100 articles in such major astrology magazines as Dell Horoscope, American Astrology, and Astrology Guide. In 1986, Professional Astrologers Incorporated gave her their annual award for her contributions to the field.

Soft cover, 136 pages.



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