A Guide to Channeling and Channeled Material

Lily Andrews

Lily Andrews, M.A. is an exceptional channel with exceptional writing skills – an uncommon duo. She brings her understanding and knowledgeable background in psychology and spirituality o her books, making them a true collaboration of current thought and inspired insight from other dimensions.

In this text, the first of several books, she provides a compendium of useful insight on the phenomenon of channeling from the perspective of a non-physical teacher from the mid-causal plane. Through her, Theodore has created a valuable resource for those investigating this phenomenon and the material arising from it. Theodore speaks clearly and concisely on this topic, naming the dangers of investigations into other realms, while offering substantial information and advice for those willing to make such explorations. In bringing light to this subject , this book has the potential of elevating channeling from an amusing – and sometimes dangerous – parlor game to a potent tool for greater understanding. In these times, when information is a phenomenon whose time has come, it behooves each of us to understand it and put it to good use. This manual is a no-nonsense tool for these times and the times ahead.

Lily Andrews has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and has worked as both a teacher and a counselor for the past fifteen years. Specializing in family issues and the needs of young children, she has served as both an advisor to parents and an administrator. Over the past six years, she has applied spiritual and psychological understanding as an astrologer through individual counseling, lecturing, and classes.

Soft cover, 110 Pages.




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