• 4 fl.oz - 120ml.
    These mixtures of flower, gem, and element elixirs have been shown to enhance, memory, focus, and IQ. Spray a small amount on hands and then apply to the forehead. Instant school wizard. Use this to help you pay attention and learn.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and the vibrational formulas of Banyan Tree, Bloodroot, Buttercup, Cashew, Clove, Coffee, Dogwood, Fennel, Ginseng, Papaya, Rosa Banksia, Yerba Mate, Apophyllite, Ruby, Scorodite, White Diamond, Krypton, Oxygen, Ozone, and Xenon.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Many energetic issues get in the way of personal achievement. These include emotional, spiritual, and physical blockages. These energetic ingredients will accelerate the recognition of these blocks and help to remove them. The spray is a solution based formula, vibrationaly prepared to promote success.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and Vibrational remedies of Apple, Brazil Nut, Raspberry, Annabergite, Vesuvianite, Ruby and Argon elixirs.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Use this vibrational mist to create the space for bringing in greater wealth. This formula will help to deal with the emotional and other energetic blockages, that as individuals, we create to prevent the ultimate flow of abundance.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies of Clematis, Magnolia, Rosa Moyesi, Sassafras, Metashoderite, Vesuvianite, Argon, Krypton, Gold.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    A vibratory shield may be put into place. This is valuable when oneメs natural intuitive and natural protective abilities are functioning below par. Can relieve situations where the aura may be damaged enough to allow de-evolutionary energies to have undue influence.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of the following: Aloe Vera, Calendula, Comfrey, Lotus, Pennyroyal, Tansy, Ferberite, Vanadinite, White Quartz, Yarrow Combo, Argon, Krypton, Oxygen.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    A greater ability to ground oneメs energies. May be used if one gets too モout there.ヤ An antidote for an extreme re-action to vibrational remedies, other healing work, or spiritual shift. To be used if one is doing a mechanical activity needing clarity and strong physical presence (piloting a jet, using machinery, performing laser surgery, driving a car, etc.).
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of the following: Bistort, Mahogany, Tree Of Life, Hematite, Pyrite, Zincite, Neon.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Vibrational cleaning spray for stones, rooms, and more. Containing some of the most powerful vibrations of flower, stone, and element elixirs to clear unwanted energies. Can be sprayed on food, stones, antiques, rooms, the body, in cleaning, anywhere a shift of energy is desired.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of the following: Calendula, Cedar, Luffa, Pennyroyal, Pink Yarrow, Rosa Macrophylla, Green Quartz, Tourmalines, Helium, Ozone, and Xenon.
    Aroma free.

  • Finishing Spray
    4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    This combination is to be utilized when one has projects, plans, life-dreams, etc. that seem close to completion yet still stay out of reach of finishing. Whatever the final steps or the illusion of the final hurdle that is needed to overcome, this is a vibrational boost to give people that extra little bit of whatever they need in order to complete their purpose or task. One of the important difficulties is about something that is not obvious at the beginning. It has to do with a process that might best be described simply as letting go. Sometimes this is the greatest block. Usually this is noted near the end of a project, into the last 10%.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies of Corn, Hornbeam, Madia, Neoporteria Cactus, Frankeite, Star Sapphire, Argon, Neon.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    A spray that helps bodyworkers disconnect energetically from their clients after working on them. It will also amplify the energy that flows out of their hands. The vibrational mixture has been used for many years to achieve closure and separation of energy when desired between individuals as well as objects. A common complaint of bodyworkers is picking up too much of their clientメs energy during a session. Disconnect will solve this issue.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of flower essences, gem tinctures, and element elixirs to support ending vibrational contacts. Vibrational remedies of Aloe Eru, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Diaspore, Garlic, Kinnick Kinnick, Lotus, Pennyroyal, Perilla, Skullcap, Herkimer Diamond, Argon, Krypton.
    Aroma free.

  • Charisma - Law of Attraction
    4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Increase your magnetism or personal charm. Let your inner light shine so that members of your soul family or other karmic contacts can recognize your energy pattern and be drawn closer to you. This is the real secret of important relationships. Big meeting, big night out, important presentation, major hook-up... spray away!!!
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies of High Plains Opuntia , Love in the Mist, Passion Flower, Rosa Virginia, Snapdragon, Wake Robin, Barite, Celestite, Dark Pearl, Star Ruby, Argon. Fragrance free.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    The purpose of this spray is two-fold, the first being for children to maximize their potential for growth, strength, and muscular development. Second, for practitioners of all sports to maximize strength and performance. With the use of tall, strong and flexible trees, plants, minerals and elements, these qualities transfer into the water solution. The formula would help the body overcome internal muscle issues, assisting in the excretion of a variety of materials that block muscle development. Allowing a greater connection between consciousness and musculature will assist in the removal of various waste products from the muscle building process. With increased awareness and concentration, this formula would allow a reduced tendency toward accidents. If used up to an hour before physical activity, by sitting quietly for 3 minutes contemplating the physical activity to come, communicating with the muscles and other body parts, there will be less of need to manifest mishaps as a way of learning certain lessons. Be sure to spray this right before an activity as well as immediately afterwards. This formula can be used effectively by people and animals of all ages. Please note, resistance to growth patterns may be present unconsciously in parents, so there will be benefit for the parents to utilize this formula with their children.
    Ingredients: Almond, Bamboo, Hops, Jojoba, Mango, Pecan, Redwood, Rock Rose-cistus, Wheat, Alunite, Pentlandite, Helium, Neon, Molybdenum, Titanium.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Calming Spray, the Urban Stress Buster
    The primary function of this formula is to reduce stress in any situation. This has been used effectively for children, animals, plants and difficult environments. Can be sprayed in rooms, on crystals and in or on the body. An essential tool for a modern, vibrational first aid kit.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of Pomegranate, Rosa Macrophylla, Shasta Lily, Emerald, Pearl, and Gold.
    Aroma free.

  • Aligning, Opening, Activating
    Working with chakras is a fascinating and complex issue because of the way in which the chakras are in a constant state of communication with the aetheric body at a more potent and energetic level than any of the other subtle body issues. This is why sometimes people will actually have physical sensation associated with a chakra, where they would not have physical sensation associated with other subtle connections. What tends to happen is that as a chakra shifts, many of the aspects that are resisted in ones life, typically psychological but they could be other aspects as well, these also begin to shift. One tends to work with all of the energies in the subtle dimensions as they communicate more powerfully with the physical. This can be very helpful for many individuals willing to move through areas of change in their life. Apart from the resistance to change, such a chakra stimulation would be valuable for most people. It is indeed an important future wave that many are considering at the current time as if to better apply the information about the chakras and work with them more consciously. What will probably arise from this is a higher sense of ones ability to communicate with the higher aspects of ones being. This may extend into many areas that were unexpected for the individual; so being open to various aspects and letting them come in as they would, would be very good advice in working with chakras. If this formula were too potent, then working with the tourmalines alone would be a good place to start (Combination 21). After using this spray for a while, adding Combination 125, multi-colored sapphires would increase the desired effect.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies including: All Tourmaline colors, Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Xenon.
    Aroma free.

  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Though this formula was designed for youth involved with sport, dance and other endeavors, participants of all ages will benefit. This will remedy one-handed or single-legged dominance, thus creating more ambidexterity and fluid movement. Performing or athletic animals will also greatly benefit especially if rehabbing one side or limb of their body. Spray as needed on the top of head, heart, solar plexus & just below the navel. Spray on the back of these areas if possible, as well. Avoid spraying in the eyes,
    Ingredients -The vibrational patterns of the following: Comfrey, Dragon Flower Cactus, Tree of Life, Malachite, Copper, Gold, Neon, Oxygen combined with glaciar water and 16% vodka. This formula is to assist in the coordination of the physical body in all endeavors of activity and sport. By balancing both sides of the body greater agility and athleticism will be created.
    Aroma free.

  • Tuning into this star's energy helps guide one's understanding of how unconscious energy is to be understood and applied in the world. It can be utilized for bringing into consciousness long-buried patterns of difficult dream states that may be hard to recall. For those with emotional scars from association with extraterrestrials of a negative origin, this elixir may be of great value. In conjunction with hypnosis, it may also be of value. It combines well with Luna, Krypton, and Zubenelgenubi elixirs for the aforementioned effects.
  • This elixir brings a great power to create change through the spoken word. It will enhance invocations, affirmations, and all of the energy moving through the voice. It is used to strengthen the expression with full force of the emotional body for the creation of particular goals, and by boosting the levels of missing sound frequency components. Zurak increases the connection between the sixth chakra and the ability to project and extract meaning released during sound phenomena. It can be most beneficial to use this elixir to allow a higher form of prayer, or to work with higher energies as you invoke them.
  • Those who understand leadership and charisma may reach a point of deep introspection, considering whether it is wise to be in a position of more fame than they wished. At this point, they may reconsider who they are; and this is a time of deep uncertainty. Use of this elixir helps to modulate and assist those going through such a difficult period of time. A shifted personal point of view occurs, a greater understanding of what it is to be a leader, and a greater joy is realized in being in a leadership capacity.
  • Zubenelakrab is transmitting useful energy to Earth to help people embrace change. The various powerful changes that are coming to people now need to be understood in their correct context, rebalanced or in some ways brought more consciously into form. With use of this elixir, one can often find that there is a place in your life that you have rejected change; and as you examine and look at it, you may think of ways in which you may be able to bring joy into that experience, a sense of true upliftment, hope, and awareness. As you experience this joy more deeply, it can allow you a new perspective on this change, not just to accept it, but to see it in a place where it could perhaps be helpful to others. It combines well with Sirius elixir for the inner acceptance of healing and transformation.
  • Positively influences those aspects of a close relationship where individuals have given over their will to another being yet recognize that the other being has given his/her will to you. Individuals may be able to find peacefulness in their relationships by balancing forces that may be negative, aggressive, or disruptive. Greater understanding of karmic patterns within a relationship is enhanced through the use of this star.
  • This star increases one's ability to share energy with others in a way in which they can receive your signature, some nature of who you are. It also enhances the ability to attune to the specific energies of a place, an object, or a person. As one is able to attune to one's own unique energy signature through Zubenelgubi, it can bring a larger view of life, a more balanced understanding, and even an acceptance of a universal consciousness. With this elixir comes a spiritual awakening that assists people in understanding their own uniqueness and their place in the greater cosmic dance.
  • This star can influence individuals in their ability to convert tendencies of power and violence into more rational behavior. There can be a greater ability to love and help others. These violent urges can be converted into the strength one needs for overcoming impossible odds or difficult decisions. This is especially true in dealing with serious illness for the patient, the healer, as well as the immediate family and friends. Zeta Hydrae can offer that courage to confront the karmic issues inherently involved with these difficulties, the understanding of the very nature of disease.
  • The beings associated with this star have the capacity to understand symbols on many levels. The elixir can help you change your reality when you feel stuck, because symbols may be the only path available for your spiritual helpers. This elixir will help anyone wishing to understand symbolism, even the obscure symbols of past civilizations.
  • Using the elixir of this star will help people feel more at home, more aware of their interrelationships to society and ultimately to their entire Earth and ecosystem. It is quite helpful for people wishing to learn about other civilizations on Earth. This star also has value for those working with astral travel.
  • This elixir is to be used by people that are willing to break out of past patterns and come forward in ways in which they have not been seen before. This star can help to reveal an emotion that may be blocked and make that emotion clearer. If it is painful, the elixir can make it easier to face the pain, release it, understand the source, and to forgive oneself.
  • This has certain capacities to allow people to apprentice to themselves: to take some of the deeper understanding that they have held back and release it. There can be a manifestation of a separate personality. This can easily be superimposed on a guide or helper who wishes to apprentice with you, allowing energy for you in different ways. There can be an integration of separate selves, multiple personality, and imaginary playmates -- all done with much love. Through all of this, one can recognize one's own innate lovability. This is enhanced through touch; therefore Zaniah can be well used in bodywork, for both client and therapist.
  • This can help people in releasing stored difficulties relating to emotional or mental issues. This can be helpful when there are psychological blocks associated with particular issues. It can be very effective in dealing with emotions of shame. Most emotional memories can be released easily, without the necessity of repeating certain events in order to recreate these difficulties.
  • This star can strengthen resolve and the ability to follow through where other individuals are involved. People who work together can gradually discover a common goal by utilizing this elixir. This star can be a beneficial influence for research groups involved in a cooperative creative process where the end result is unknown.
  • This star provides general encouragement for individuals, particularly those on a spiritual path. It can lend itself to the experience of grace under fire. The elixir can be particularly helpful in emergency situations, assisting to relieve shock and increasing mental functioning under stress. There is a deeper meaning of accidents available, a deeper attunement to the personal and higher guides' reasoning behind these fairly acute and difficult situations. There is also some deeper attunement to future scenarios relating to accident phenomena. There is a benefit when someone is feeling tired or stressed to use this elixir, especially when driving a vehicle or using dangerous machinery, in order to provide a slight extra degree of alertness. Through a deeper attunement to one's guides and their higher purpose, one can draw in energies of the lessons needed -- before an actual incident occurs. Therefore, it can be used as an accident preventative. This is a very powerful, yet short-term elixir. Most of its capacities will only be retained by an individual for 1 1/2 to 2 hours after taking it each time.
  • Wasat has some capacity to enlighten people about the changing modalities of religion. There can be, as was the case with the civilizations associated with Wasat, a merging of religions, a shift of belief patterns, and a shift of consciousness. This elixir can assist in the release of old belief patterns and thinking. Through its use, Wasat can help one to break free of an endless cycle and to reach the inner understanding behind religious dogma -- that of awareness between one being and God, the infinity of all things, a higher reality.
  • The enhanced abilities to present hands-on healing energy will be observed when tuning into this star. The practitioner of Reiki, various forms of massage, acupuncture, and acupressure will do well in using this elixir. Some energy from past lives served as a healer, energies of one's guides that have direct healing capacities, and unconscious energies that might be available only under stimulating circumstances will all be more clearly available. This energy may proceed easily from the heart center, as well as the hands. Combines well with perilla flower essence and diaspore gem elixir.
  • The use of Wezen can enhance the ability to perceive the truth in others, especially where it relates to conditions of repressed love or certain aspects of potential connected to a loving condition. Also enhanced is the ability to perceive such difficulties in one's own self as well as in others and to know the truth of another's potential. The ability to assist others in manifesting their highest potential is strengthened by this elixir.
  • The star can influence agriculture in a positive and beneficial fashion. Individuals who are working with hybridization of plants, strengthening of plants in creation of new strains for greater disease resistance, growing under harsh conditions, and so on, will do well to work with this essence themselves for greater inspiration and to apply it in dilute quantities to the plants. The elixir is to be utilized for those who wish greater kinship and association with their plants. There can also be a physical stimulation for people with this elixir.
  • This cluster can assist group effort by magnetizing energies to coordinate the group. This combining of energies will be valuable for any group effort that brings something of value to the planet or to many people. An individual taking this essence will feel deeper courage and a deeper sense of attunement to a higher goal of true, deep value.
  • This elixir may increase one's attunement to music. An awareness of the essence of interconnectivity arises between people, one's soul family, and humanity. Helps with bonding between people; group interaction. This star is a source of musical inspiration for many and can also assist in musical appreciation.
  • Most of the energies radiating from Alpha Draconis are those that are associated with the energies of change that have allowed people at times a sweeping away of old ideas to find a new source. There is some awakening of the eleventh and twelfth chakras in utilization of this star, because one can see of the ways in which such energies can be better used. Indeed, anyone with a concern with the potential destruction of Earth due to human misuse should certainly utilize Thuban elixir, and then use the energy wisely; such an individual may find themselves in a position of leadership or help to others at making critical and useful choices as humanity moves towards places of greater love and less fear. This was the pole star in Ancient Egypt and the elixir may be of benefit to those with a deep affiliation for ancient Egyptian sites, or for life-streams in distant times not on Earth.
  • This elixir brings an additional ability to empathize, by balancing and blending mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities. Alpha Trianguli brings an energy of balance between the emotional and the physical realms. Gamma has more of an influence on the mental side of existence, offering a quickening and integration of thought patterns. Thus visualization is improved as well as the ability to work with healing by influencing the aetheric body. Beta Trianguli brings the additional ability to empathize by combining of mental, spiritual and emotional capacities.This combination enhances our ability to attune to various aspects of our own existence from a spiritual perspective. This can be useful when one wishes to combine Earthly energy with higher cosmic energies. It is helpful for releasing judgments, as it enhances the willingness to accept how others see things. It's a wonderful aid in the transfer from three dimensional to fourth dimensional reality as symbolized by the tetrahedron.
  • Civilizations associated with this star project throughout the universe collective thought forms of the true nature of chaos theory. Awareness of energies that can come into one's life with great irregularity and, in particular, utilization of peak experiences in a way in which you feel them, know them, and eventually assimilate them in your life are significantly enhanced through this elixir. Presents an ability of individuals to let go of the old patterns and come to new ones that are more beneficial.
  • This elixir has an ability to provide additional energy of leadership and concentrated awareness. There can be a deeper awareness of their own physical capacities and some assistance in sports. The ability to receive love of a non-personal nature such as adulation, admiration, and respect will be emphasized. This star has some properties that are similar to the Earth's Sun and can be used to relieve some of the difficulties with SAD.