• Gives significant assistance to the physicalization of spiritual understanding, a way of bringing it into form that is practical and can be applied well in the world. It enhances the formation of creative ideas that can be transmitted and communicated between people as love, deeper compassion, and understanding. It is also helpful in strengthening family connections and family ties, and in promoting an awareness of past-life connections within one's biological family that can improve one's relationships.
  • When one uses this elixir, there is a correspondence to mental body functioning. An enhanced ability to transfer ideas into consciousness will be noted. Telepathy will be strengthened. Regular use of this star will give people better ability to express in writing some of the understanding that they have gathered. There will be a better ability to bring ideas into focus and to express them clearly.
  • Use of this elixir can influence the logical processes, the various aspects usually associated with the dominant hemisphere and corresponding opposite side of the physical body. Combines well with Pollux in balancing the left/right aspects of the brain and physical body.
  • This energy helps people understand why they are here. This can be why in terms of existence, in terms of Earthly life, but most importantly in terms of their ability to interact with each other, to learn from each other, to manifest relationships, to understand the internal sacred marriage, to be able to create their most powerful helpful energies with each other, and at the same time appreciate their most evolved capacities. Angelic beings associated with the center of the galaxy have the capacity to energize various evolutionary and sometimes difficult energies in people, energies that they would resist.There may be benefit combining center of galaxy with other remedies or particularly starlight elixirs for good effect, to encourage people to receive the highest angelic assistance, the highest vibrational encouragement, the highest energy of evolutionary inspiration for their own awakening, and their own understanding, so that they may be able to receive this vibrationally in coordination with other aspects that they are interested in. This makes it similar in some ways to using Lotus flower essence as an energizer for other essences, but at a higher vibrational level than would be present in flower essences.
  • Aligning, Opening, Activating
    Working with chakras is a fascinating and complex issue because of the way in which the chakras are in a constant state of communication with the aetheric body at a more potent and energetic level than any of the other subtle body issues. This is why sometimes people will actually have physical sensation associated with a chakra, where they would not have physical sensation associated with other subtle connections. What tends to happen is that as a chakra shifts, many of the aspects that are resisted in ones life, typically psychological but they could be other aspects as well, these also begin to shift. One tends to work with all of the energies in the subtle dimensions as they communicate more powerfully with the physical. This can be very helpful for many individuals willing to move through areas of change in their life. Apart from the resistance to change, such a chakra stimulation would be valuable for most people. It is indeed an important future wave that many are considering at the current time as if to better apply the information about the chakras and work with them more consciously. What will probably arise from this is a higher sense of ones ability to communicate with the higher aspects of ones being. This may extend into many areas that were unexpected for the individual; so being open to various aspects and letting them come in as they would, would be very good advice in working with chakras. If this formula were too potent, then working with the tourmalines alone would be a good place to start (Combination 21). After using this spray for a while, adding Combination 125, multi-colored sapphires would increase the desired effect.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies including: All Tourmaline colors, Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Xenon.
    Aroma free.

  • Charisma - Law of Attraction
    4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Increase your magnetism or personal charm. Let your inner light shine so that members of your soul family or other karmic contacts can recognize your energy pattern and be drawn closer to you. This is the real secret of important relationships. Big meeting, big night out, important presentation, major hook-up... spray away!!!
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies of High Plains Opuntia , Love in the Mist, Passion Flower, Rosa Virginia, Snapdragon, Wake Robin, Barite, Celestite, Dark Pearl, Star Ruby, Argon. Fragrance free.
    Aroma free.

  • This star does seem to have important benefits, as it has become a sort of nexus of accumulation of high vibrational electrical energy. This appears to have capacity to change consciousness in an instant.

    One of the important lessons that has been discussed and worked with amongst those associated with the fourth planet is that of time, the nature of time, how it works, time travel not so much because of the difficulties of this, certainly as you are well familiar with from your science fiction and other attributes in western civilizationメs development in Earthメs civilization, but time compression, expansion or dilation, opportunity to shift it on many levels.

    It has been seen how humanityメs ability to work with this could be altered in a positive and helpful way, yet the full understanding of this should be gentle, it should come to humanity a little at a time. So for a while at least, the emanations from this star will be for individuals to see how they might have a better relationship to time themselves, to feel it more easily amongst their own family relationships, interaction with other people, and so on, with the particular application of knowing that there is enough time to accomplish what is needed, to grow, to learn, to love, but what ever it is that could indeed be manifested within the capacity for individuals to have a sense of themselves growing, their opportunity to have an awareness of so many different aspects of their own consciousness is very strongly compressed when they think there isnメt enough time, they canメt possibly accomplish everything they need to.

    Time can be shifted; you have the experience of this in dreams. It is an intriguing and persistent issue for people that their sense of time is changed dramatically when they dream. But one of the great lessons from this civilization is for you to have a sense of grace, of an opportunity to experience time in a way that is most appropriate for you, not for how you think the world needs to respond to you, but how you may know this and you may have a deeper sense of opportunity, love, compassion, caring, and assistance for yourself.

  • This star can stimulate the love center in order to enable communication with other persons that can transcend verbal or visual modes. Some strengthening of auditory modes is noted, particularly through song. May assist in dissolving emotional blocks or blocks in memory. It will help with creating a deeper intimacy with others when it feels as if a wall is surrounding oneself.`
  • This satellite star is an artificial energy source. The positioning of this was necessary when the central sun of Chi-1 Orionis sent out a call for help about 11,000 years ago. At the same time as various very powerful changes were happening on Earth, shifting of civilizations, energy, and other things, this star requested assistance as it was experiencing some reaction to a variety of energies that could best be described as emotional.

    This is of course a big stretch given the entirely different sort of consciousness of a star, but the solution to this was the establishment of an absorbing and emitting body that would be able to gradually stabilize these energies. When this was established, a significant excess of energy was available; this was necessary in order to create this companion, and the result of this was an energy that spread throughout this section of the galaxy and was extremely helpful as inspiration and continuing as power for building of the pyramids. When the pyramids were created, the pyramids now located in what is termed Giza plateau in the country that is now Egypt, when these were created, the various energies associated with this as understood by the Atlantian colony were very different from the energies of today, and one contributing factor was indeed this profound and helpful energy provided by this companion star.

    These energies have been available for a considerable period of time, but gradually weakened, until by now these energies are of a relatively small contributing factor. Still as people use the elixir of this star, they may have a sense inside that they are being provided with supplemental energy, a sense that many new possibilities emerge for them. This can be particularly helpful when athletic performance is sought to be enhanced. When people want to feel stronger, when they want some degree of healing and regeneration in the body, this also may be helpful.

  • This star appears to increase the capacity of individuals to create temporary psychic bonds. Chort can add additional energy to this process of understanding one's innate ability to create bonds, and to do this clearer and more consciously. One may have a greater ability to see bonds that may have been formed inappropriately and to release them. The elixir is used to create vibrational bridges between people as well as with other life forms. This can be a powerful form of communication and interconnection.
  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    Vibrational cleaning spray for stones, rooms, and more. Containing some of the most powerful vibrations of flower, stone, and element elixirs to clear unwanted energies. Can be sprayed on food, stones, antiques, rooms, the body, in cleaning, anywhere a shift of energy is desired.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of the following: Calendula, Cedar, Luffa, Pennyroyal, Pink Yarrow, Rosa Macrophylla, Green Quartz, Tourmalines, Helium, Ozone, and Xenon.
    Aroma free.

  • This elixir brings out the more positive attributes associated with individuality. One can learn to be a pioneer and to trust one's instincts or ideas that are different from others. This elixir also assists in developing the ability to move into other dimensions and shift vibration in accordance with others -- with friends, pets, family, or with any group. There can be a greater affinity to large guidance groups or soul families. This elixir assists the integration of the multi-dimensional aspects of these energies.
  • Finishing Spray
    4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    This combination is to be utilized when one has projects, plans, life-dreams, etc. that seem close to completion yet still stay out of reach of finishing. Whatever the final steps or the illusion of the final hurdle that is needed to overcome, this is a vibrational boost to give people that extra little bit of whatever they need in order to complete their purpose or task. One of the important difficulties is about something that is not obvious at the beginning. It has to do with a process that might best be described simply as letting go. Sometimes this is the greatest block. Usually this is noted near the end of a project, into the last 10%.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies of Corn, Hornbeam, Madia, Neoporteria Cactus, Frankeite, Star Sapphire, Argon, Neon.

  • This star will tend to influence the ability of the aethers to affect the person. This may result in the lessening of the negative influences of ELF waves, magnetic field disturbances from electric power lines, and video display terminals. Can increase the absorption of inert gas energies. This elixir may be useful for reducing radiation in the body.
  • This elixir has a capacity to increase endurance and strengthen the ability to do mental work. Some enhancement of the thinking process can take place with its use. This star elixir can have a positive influence on any sort of physical action where danger is involved. It can help to coordinate mental and physical energy, especially at those times of potential difficulty.
  • Assists the practical manner in which spiritual ideas are put into form and into consciousness. Rather than leading the life of an ascetic monk as the primary mode of learning and understanding, this elixir assists those in any mode of living to extract higher spiritual principles from their daily lives. This can enhance the integration of the spiritual and the practical. After using this star, there can be an increased ability to merge with society and do what is needed -- and then being able to detach when necessary.
  • Deeper awareness of the connection between parent and child will be noted for many individuals. This can be especially clarified at an emotional level for many. There can be assistance with children who have difficulty connecting emotionally or bonding with the parents, as if then there is felt a great deal of love, but difficulty in communicating or in understanding limits. This can occur at many different time periods in child development, some of the time periods, age 4 or 5 can be quite difficult, and as if set the tone or sow the seeds for some difficulties that are later felt at ages 14, 15, or 16, these observed as rebellious teenagers.

    This star used in the early time will have far greater effect than if only used in the teenage years, but even in the teenage years there can be benefit. The parent can use the starlight elixir just as well as the child; both using it has a combined and multiplied effect. It is also observed here that at some point the child may have an important message or lesson to give to the parent.

    Here again this starlight elixir can be quite helpful, as if then promoting an easier way of communicating between these two. It is useful to observe that if this is the case, that a communication from the child to the parent is an important issue, it is beneficial if, at least as an experiment, the two individuals would in their own imagination exchange roles: the parent becoming as if then young, looking and listening with the eyes and ears of a child. And the child would imagine him or herself wise in years, and with a great deal of understanding, able to transmit this to the parent.

  • This star can be helpful in stimulating people's processes of moving them forward with some sense of Christ-energy as a part of what they do. There can appear a deeper awareness of the Christ presence in one's own being. What is created is a doorway or opening towards a conference in which many beings with this Christ presence can create a sense of upliftment for the whole race. The elixir may act to welcome a dream of such a conference.
  • The primary function of this star is to provide new patterns of energy for people. For most people, this can allow them to find a new sense of themselves, a release of patterns that relate to domination into patterns of cooperation with independence. Emanating from this system is a transmission of the history of the galaxy. Much of the impact of Delta Cephei occurs in a 5 1/2 day cycle after opening to the star or elixir; therefore, be aware in your meditations and visualizations of this delayed effect, encompassing 5 1/2, 11, and 16 1/2 days.
  • Use this star for increased ability to understand the law of karma as people become more oriented towards the future. An understanding of the consequences of your actions, to understand cause and effect, is assisted with Delta Cygni. An enhanced appreciation of dance and utilizing dance as a means of releasing karma is realized.
  • Use of this elixir can provide some additional stimulation and deeper awareness of the third eye. This is inherently spiritualizing and will generally awaken most capacities of the third eye center. It can combine well with krypton energy for this awakening ability.
  • When using this elixir, there is some benefit for the 7th, 8th, and 9th chakras. For those working to incorporate energies of a third DNA strand within their physical bodies, this elixir can fill the need to align with the higher energies needed to consciously attune to this process.
  • Energies from this place can inspire various questions for people. How can you work with your guides and helpers more effectively? What are the right questions that you could be asking? How can the energies of those who are more evolved than you be accepted by you without an ego block? How can you understand and work with these energies in such a fashion that they will ultimately be of benefit and help to all? As individuals may wish to attune to all kinds of higher dimensional beings, more developed than yourself, not just the guides and helpers that you are assigned, but the beings that work on many levels, Delta Serpens elixir can be very helpful for bringing this energy into more a conscious form.In addition, the mental causes of illness can be discovered and more easily understood: the various powerful spiritual issues or areas of denial or resistance may be better uncovered. It will of course require the individual to have some degree of self-responsibility in working through the issues involved and confronting any associated blockages, but the encouragement of guides and helpers here can, of course, go a long way towards assisting individuals penetrate more deeply into issues that have been plaguing them, perhaps for lifetimes.
  • There is some agreement or concordance amongst some of the beings who inhabit a number of planets in this region that the awareness of appropriate balanced technological development is of critical importance for humanityメs survival. A number of planets have been reduced, destroyed, burnt out as result of misuse of such understanding of technology. The deeper implications of all technology are being transmitted.

    This group of stars, represented best by Delta Tauri, will enable people to better accept and work with all forms of technology, balancing this, having the appropriate way for this to make its way for people in the world is different from some of the ancient experiments and understanding because people have within their own emotional makeup a stronger sense of connection, awareness of their own need for appropriate balance in emotion. So how can this huge gap between emotional well being and technological well being be created, how can this huge gap be bridged, how can such an energy be known to people in a way that is comfortable for them.

    But at the higher vibrational level, a new energy is coming into humanity; this is connected to a truth in advertising movement, and a deeper acceptance of the willingness people have to hear advertising that is the truth, and completely reject that which is simply salesmanship. At the same time, this is helping people take steps towards appropriate balancing technology with the energies of emotion. A reduction of the negative influences of electromagnetic radiation will be noted. This is a helpful elixir for people to take when they are overexposed to various forms of technology of any form.

  • This star can assist people in connecting to the small, still voice within. This could be a development of a moral consciousness. This thread, moving from one lifetime to the next, enhances one's vision of one's soul development. A certain encouragement to pull one back on track may occur. The elixir may also allow people to follow a thread of patterns into the future for examining future as well as past soul personality to generate greater self-awareness.
  • This star has the ability to create deeper inspired states and an awareness of the teachings of masters. There may be an enhancement of the channeling process with connection to non-physical beings of light, assistance, and love. Pranayama yoga and various martial arts are enhanced with this essence, as are other practices that focus on breathing and energy generation. Using this star enhances all information, energy transference, and integration of focused thoughts.
  • This elixir can enhance the ability to work with patterns and cycles that are related to practical environments. This can strengthen the ability to make predictions based on past performance. Some aspects of the underlying cycles may be made clearer for individuals who work with this star elixir.Astrologers, historians, economists and stock traders are just some of the people that can benefit from Delta Algedi.
  • This star appears to have the ability to moderate energy in the nervous system. This appears to be fairly likely to assist somewhat in individuals with certain nervous system disorders. This appears to have the capacity to do this because there is in that local area of space a speedup of energetic function, as if the constants associated with your awareness of physical reality are different.

    Many individuals, particularly those who have contracted these nervous system disorders in the last few years, are experiencing this because of some reaction to the resistance involved in the galactic shift, the movement of Earth and related star systems into this galactic energy. Delta Aquilae appears to have already transited through this and adapted well, and has been involved in seeing ways in which this energy can be transmitted appropriately to other stars to assist them in their journey.

    Along the way, several beings associated with other star systems, including some from the Pleiades, some from Aldebaran, some from Arcturus, have worked together in bringing some of these forms of broadcast to the star, and have then launched this as a broadcasting network to assist individuals dealing with the connections of time and space, this occurring within their own physical bodies; and this especially then focusing in human beings in the nervous system.
  • This star has a direct bearing upon will and leadership functioning, enhancing awareness of the deeper meaning of leadership, and the ability to create more consciously the links usually unconscious between any leader and group. This is the basic form in which charisma comes, in the way in which one becomes the voice for many, in a way in which the many are unable to express that voice.
  • With this elixir, the ability to perceive aetheric interconnections between individuals is strengthened. The unconscious ties made between individuals are brought into consciousness. The 2nd chakra energies that may be depleted by such unconscious ties are relieved, and healing in this area is generally enhanced. This elixir can positively impact massage work -- both giving and receiving.
  • 4 fl.oz. - 120 ml.
    A spray that helps bodyworkers disconnect energetically from their clients after working on them. It will also amplify the energy that flows out of their hands. The vibrational mixture has been used for many years to achieve closure and separation of energy when desired between individuals as well as objects. A common complaint of bodyworkers is picking up too much of their clientメs energy during a session. Disconnect will solve this issue.
    Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka, and the vibrational components of flower essences, gem tinctures, and element elixirs to support ending vibrational contacts. Vibrational remedies of Aloe Eru, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Diaspore, Garlic, Kinnick Kinnick, Lotus, Pennyroyal, Perilla, Skullcap, Herkimer Diamond, Argon, Krypton.
    Aroma free.

  • Many aspects of one's past behavior and judgments associated with this past behavior can come into clearer focus through the use of this elixir. The interaction with small groups that presented energy of a difficult nature to a person can be overcome and worked with more consciously by use of this star. This can include interaction with cults or brainwashing where the person involved did not understand some of the techniques used.
  • These stars can strengthen the ability to project energy from the heart that can be healing, warming, and regenerating. This energy can be directed with greater consciousness into oneself, other people, animals, gems, plants, and the world at large.Use of this elixir can also create certain deeper states of forgiveness of the elderly in your life -- be it your parents, grandparents, or ancestors.
  • Can assist people in the ability to perceive on multiple dimensions. This can include certain highly-inspired channeling states, but especially important with understanding the deeper essence of mathematics, physics, science, and the ability to bring ideas of form, geometry, and especially those relating to multiple dimensionality into some level of inner understanding and intuition for people. There is an enhanced ability to intuitively perceive cosmic principles and ideas. Can even be of benefit for the understanding of simple math and arithmetic, and has been an inspirational source for many civilizations, including those in the Pleiades.
  • The use of this star can create better communication in a family. This may especially help individuals attempting to communicate with those between 13 and 20 years old. This can also help these young people communicate with the rest of the family from their own perspective. There can also be a deeper attunement to one's past lives, especially during the time of life associated with the teenage years.
  • Electra, along with Alcyone and Merope, all are stars within the constellation Pleiades, homes of the civilizations with the greatest value and connection to Earth at the current time. Electra governs the ability to coordinate with the plant kingdom. Individuals working with Electra may discover inner telepathic abilities, their true significance, and how to use them appropriately in the world. This elixir can create deeper states of meditative calm and oneness with cosmic principles and universal laws.
  • With this mixture comes a re-balancing within many people, especially for their capacity to interrelate, to work with each other, and to outwardly reflect this. This will allow them to balance many aspects of male and female that may contribute to a greater capacity to interconnect with another while still maintaining a sense of separation. Gradually over time this may allow a oneness to evolve, and can be quite enhancing and helpful in dyads of all types.
  • Useful in small groups or family situations where individuals are seeking to unify their purpose in order to create the sense of community, family, or the feeling of pulling together towards a goal.
  • Epsilon Eridani Potential There is a conference going on on Epsilon Eridani currently in development of utilization of their fourth and sixth planets for human type civilization in the future, this program is being accelerated, and there is some attention on the fourth planet in preparation for earth beings to incarnate there. This may be in as little as 2000 years. There is little in the way of direct broadcasting coming from this place; because it is so close however, direct broadcasting is not necessary in order for people to receive some of the benefit of this star. Hence there is likely to be greater and greater attention in this arena over the next few decades by scientists, astronomers, and others. Eventually it will be one of the first targets for extra-solar exploration; unmanned at first, later with various journeys that can take place over a reasonable period of time, utilizing technologies that humans have not yet developed, but are still in the prototyping stages. In the meantime, what would be termed terra-forming and preparation of these places for potential human colonization is going on. In the meantime, for people to use this star can be interesting, bringing to them a sense of potential, many possibilities, a sense that they could expand their consciousness in areas they had previously not considered possible. Where this can be particularly valuable is in the foundation or beginning of communities, communities based on service or any kind of community where people wish to bring together energies from many different levels for potentials as yet unknown, recognizing the opportunity that this would bring, the love it might share, the assistance it might bring to others, but not knowing where this would eventually end up. As one utilizes this as an elixir, one may find that that sense of ability to help others is also present, and thus the potential that might be available to children through teaching and to forming community can be strengthened.

  • This is actually a group of 5 stars that are related to the 5-element system in Chinese medicine. A greater understanding of this system can be gained through this elixir. Not only is this understanding available in its simplistic 3rd dimensional level, but the awareness is expanded to a 4th dimensional level or higher. These levels can expand beyond the boundaries of time and space. A tremendous expansion of understanding and perspective is possible through the use of Epsilon Hydrae. This expanded awareness of multi-dimensional thinking can be beautifully balanced through the combining with Zubenelgenubi. Epsilon Hydrae can also be used to allow the transformation within the physical body of new substances taken or a change in dietary pattern.
  • This star elixir can enhance appropriate emotional expression. A deeper awareness of how other people see you may result from its use. There can be an enhanced ability to create an emotional bond with someone that can lead to telepathic communication. With the eyes of the heart, you see the other person more clearly; and through their heart, you see yourself.
  • This elixir may influence a generation of vibrating energy that can be attuned to other vibrations in the 6th chakra. This is recommended for people who wish to concentrate more energy in that center. This star can enhance the ability to transmit telepathically. This can be useful for teachers who wish to communicate difficult concepts.
  • Using this elixir helps one to tune their consciousness to their evolution, to how best to grow more rapidly towards a place of deeper enlightenment, understanding, and higher consciousness as it relates to others. This will help one to receive new ideas, ideas that would seem at first completely out of context of one's reality, but later begin to filter through and be understood. This generally offers a new way of seeing, thinking, and feeling that can take a little time to integrate. Use when you wish to open to different consciousnesses, opening to various energies, looking at your own life in retrospect, and coming to understand things about yourself.
  • Can help bring people into awareness of higher possibilities than they had previously considered. This would assist in bringing new ideas outside the usual contexts into people's frames of reference and consciousness. Oftentimes, these ideas will be highly spiritual in nature. In Atlantis, the study of this idea of new understanding took place. It was as if there wasn't an appropriate language to fully describe these new concepts of higher spiritual ideas. So a new form of language was developed to not only encompass these new spiritual forms but also a language with words that contained the physical sounds which created higher resonance to match the heightened spiritual concepts. This elixir can awaken or attune one with some of these ideas and language. This is especially true for those who have undergone lessons around issues of power and dominance so that this ability can be utilized with love and humility. By taking this elixir and experimenting with one's voice, toning and/or singing, one can start to reconstruct this Atlantean language and wisdom.