• Tuning into M60 can be very helpful for people who seek a whole alternative way of seeing their society, their relationships, and their understanding of various things. It can be especially helpful for individuals who are seeking to reach out to other kingdoms, to beings very different from themselves. There comes a general enhancement in their ability to use their own body's electricity, which can be very strengthening. Increasing one's sense of being electrically connected to many other beings of the universe and to the very nature of life itself is generated through this elixir.To further enhance this sense of deeper love and interconnectivity of all life, helium elixir will compliment M60 nicely. There can be some stimulation of the 12th chakra, moving people towards a greater spiritual level.
  • This is an area that is utilized by a number of higher helpful beings for the creation of waves of energy to proceed all throughout the galaxy for the specific purpose of allowing a harmonization between the stars, for the stars to better understand themselves and each other. People of course would benefit from this in the better understanding of their connection to Earth, to each other, to the Sun, and to all of the planets in the solar system. Individuals beginning to understand astronomy, astrology, the use of starlight elixirs, vibrational remedies at any level that relate to aspects that are beyond their normal consciousness, all would benefit by M62. These beings have studied healing modalities for the purpose of better understanding all healing mechanisms in all beings, understanding where points of resistance have been encountered and why individuals would seek those points of resistance, and how they may be shifted or changed; thus M62 can give insight into the entire healing process.
  • This is a very interesting area of space to put ones attention on because within this galaxy is an advanced federation, group, organization difficult to describe in human terms and yet be accurate, but a network. And in this was initially an understanding that a representative of each civilization would be put forward in order to create a coordinated energy, effort, and understanding. At first this was a difficult undertaking. Many areas of this have been explored in some of Earthメs science fiction: the prime directive, the issue of more advanced civilizations over others, spiritual issues, multi-dimensional issues, issues where beings from one planet cannot physically coexist with those from another, etc, etc. However these are rather trivial matters by comparison to what beings distributed in several locations in M65 had to deal with. It took a long time to come to a deeper awareness of this, but it appeared that having a single representative bringing forth what the civilization felt was most important was the way to go. Oftentimes a blip or pulse from this galaxy is sent into space with the deliberate idea of working with children, with the young ones in any civilization anywhere in the universe with the idea that it might somehow be a shifted energy. Now we havenメt spoken about this very much because it is a very complex matter. The energization of solar matter, any sun to broadcast a concept, an idea, a way, a feelingラthis is something we have spoken of. But what when many suns are energized simultaneously, things far beyond simply an amplification effect take place: a resonant wave can be created. The wave can be much more powerful than any of the suns separately as a synergism takes place. And at the same time unique and different qualities about each of those suns can also be a part of this wave of energy. So in this sense, seeing anew, feeling that energy as if you had never felt it before, awakening to something beautiful, unique, but also connected to a sense of empowerment, something strong or clear like a sun, this energy is available to you. Now we donメt say as a star, because most people would conceive of the star as so far away; but the idea of it as a sun, as that which is close to you, as that which is providing radiant light, energy, strength, this is closer to the underlying idea. Now this is not to say by any means that M65 is focused in any particular area. And it would seem that many energies of all kinds of important aspects are available. In particular those that would seem to be most lacking in a human would be those that would be most accessible from M65. So higher degree of intelligence, reduction of egoic thinking, reduction of fear, bringing a greater sense of love and connectivity, and the ability with tolerance to deeply appreciate and draw forth from other human beings their talents and capabilities, these would all be important attributes that M65 can provide for people on Earth. This elixir can combine well with any other single star in elixir form to bring a greater understanding of the organizing principle with that star, thus amplifying the effect greatly.

  • With this elixir comes an ability to study and understand history and work with it appropriately. This will give people more choice about their own evolution, allowing them to open to more of what they can know, what they can remember, but at the same time, consciously shift those capacities that might be too distracting or difficult for them to work with. This elixir, with sufficient focus and attention on it, can give people the capacity to remember more of their own history, going way back into Lemurian times, understanding the stellar influences, working with the history of the universe, bringing all of this into a place of clarity and consciousness. A great sense of forgiveness may appear for all of the apparent missteps that one has taken, with a greater facility to not repeat the same mistakes.
  • Contains some of the remnants of the essential formation energies of the universe. It is in the universe's essential nature to continuously surpass each moment of previous beauty. An increased awareness of the consciousness of one's roots is engendered through the use of this star elixir. A greater awareness of earth and her inherent energies is realized. A deeper attunement to the purpose of all life is also enhanced through its use. Can also assist people who make flower remedies, gem elixirs, or homeopathic remedies to understand the very nature of the vibratory principle.
  • This elixir presents a positive uplifting influence to individuals in allowing them to better tune in to relaxing emotionally and making peace. This can shorten the path to understanding the feelings that are involved with something more directly, thus enabling you to get to the belief patterns behind an emotion so as to realize its deeper message. This elixir creates a wonderful way to work with emotions in a more direct way. What can transpire is the creation of far deeper levels of satisfaction, a sense of deeper connection and understanding, a deeper awareness one person to another, than perhaps had previously been seen or understood. M68 can help people release the shared beliefs that hold humanity back from making the next steps forward, particularly at an emotional level.
  • This elixir can enhance one's ability to more rapidly communicate on many levels within ones own consciousness, and more easily receive the lessons of the soul. One can more easily work with the energies that are transmitted by various means that are usually associated with time delay-those are released, one need not be so easily bogged down by the issues of time, and one can be much more receptive and able to easily receive many messages from many sources. Channeling would naturally be enhanced, but especially energies that were previously unreachable because the energy sources were of such exceptionally high vibration.In addition, as communication and superconductivity can be enhanced within an individual, all kinds of powerful processes can be shifted. Because of this shift, individuals may find healing abilities suddenly enhanced, or thoughts previously suppressed suddenly coming again into consciousness, or areas they had not previously considered where they have talents and capabilities again coming to the surface. As various subtle energy structures become more aligned, some new energies may be available to people that they had not previously ever considered possible for themselves.
  • M59 elixir tends to bring people to a place of deeper peace and acceptance about all of their extraterrestrial neighbors, which will to some extent translate to any guides or helpers you may have that are associated with any extraterrestrial beings.At the same time, it may tend to reduce various aspects of fear that may be associated with abduction phenomena or other phenomena relating to aspects that you have previously held as scary or difficult with regards to extraterrestrials. The point of this is that as the fear is reduced, so also is the hold that a being that wishes to, in some way, encroach on your space might have; and so this is of some help in a reduction of abduction formula. However the higher vibrational reality associated with M59 is for people to increase their non-technologically based capacity for learning about related civilizations. Thus capacity to project your consciousness to other systems, to learn of the beings living associated with Pleiadian or Alcyone system, or Sirius, or various beings that we have spoken of in the past that many people may feel an affinity or kinship for.The ability to project to these places is improved simply because one has less fear, more curiosity, and a deeper sense of love or connectedness to such beings.
  • This cluster will assist individuals who wish to attune better through channeling, or reading channeled works or other things shared about beings that work at higher dimensional levels. By using this elixir, there can be a deeper attunement to these higher vibrational forces, including those at 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensional levels.
  • This elixir may bring an enhanced ability to understand large patterns that can relate to the main thrust of earlier civilizations such as the Mayan, Aztec, early Egyptian, Atlantean, Lemurian, and ancient Greek. There also may be an ability to appreciate and assimilate other cultures. Utilize this cluster to enhance the ability to attune to the purpose of one's past-life incarnations in other cultures.
  • M71 is currently being utilized to develop inspiring ideas for humanity. A greater awareness of higher creative functions occurs, allowing individuals to sense their part in this process. This elixir is to be used to help people attune to, work with, and understand new ideas. There can be a greater facility to contribute to the development of a key idea or a new concept with the use of this elixir.
  • This elixir can help people to understand the larger point of view with regards to working with energies of separation. A greater ability to integrate the time paradox in order to understand and receive messages from your future self occurs. The ability of your past self to also receive these messages is naturally enhanced. M76 enhances your capacity to be present, while at the same time accept loving energy, messages and ideas from your future self.This cluster enhances a natural tendency for greater openness and acceptance, fostering an ability to see the inherent paradoxes in your self, in your personality, or in your friendships, and be at peace with these. M76 can also help people accept conflicting aspects in others.
  • This elixir can bring a sense of harmony when fear is present, or a deeper sense of peace -- even when there is sadness from much loss of life. There comes a deeper awareness of what it feels like to walk the Earth and to relate to others in a more compassionate way. M77 also improves communication with spiritual beings of great assistance and help.
  • This elixir can help bring ideas from the higher vibrational levels into form at a physical level. This can be of much inspiration for individuals that are struggling against old ideas, trying to bring new things into form. This synthesis of the old and the new is where M78 can greatly assist.
  • M79 is well recognized throughout the universe, and especially this section of the universe, as providing many helpful strengthening energies for individuals who wish to contemplate entirely new forms of society to bring together new areas to be discovered and worked with. Anyone who tunes into M79 will be shown how to do things in a new way, how to see things in a way they had not previously considered, and how to share energies in ways that can ultimately be very helpful. To tune into it in any way when you are seeking solutions can bring you new insight or understanding, things you had not previously considered, particularly difficulties relating to social issues, interrelationships, families, politics, global crises, all the way down to personal crises where other people are affected.
  • emanating from this place offer a beautiful vibrational example of ways in which inter-coordination can take place in a way that many different ideas, points of view, and ways of life are integrated appropriately. This energy can inspire people that are seeking to join a community. M8 elixir may be very helpful for people who wish to understand the true path of the formation of larger communities that can evolve into the highest form possible.
  • On occasion M80 will be made available to others, particularly Earth beings, for finding deeper sources of spiritual inspiration, a sense of belonging to a larger group, or connectedness to a much larger plan than simply that of a few thousand years. Use this elixir to encourage seeing things in the larger perspective and seeing how one fits into this.This cluster has also been utilized for various means of computation of a highly energetic nature applying directly to healing. Many forms of chronic disease will have their roots in repeated patterns of habitual denial or difficulty that people have struggled with, usually for multiple lifetimes. The understanding of this can be shifted at times through karma, through various forms of love, through different methods of healing. But what will usually be most difficult for the individual to understand, or to be revealed to them, is the energy of the source of this attraction to this imbalance or difficulty.This elixir can be utilized to help people understand that the source energy of a chronic health problem is a poorly formed belief, some aspect in contradiction to universal law. This aspect can be simple or complex, but M80 can be helpful for individuals to break it apart, to help them understand it in a new way, to shine a new light on that idea.
  • People, who find that they are on a very fast track, working beyond their capacities at high stress levels, may do well with this elixir. They may find that they can relax a little more easily, perhaps gain some perspective, and then go back to work at the appropriate time. Those that use this elixir may find that they can access and work with large amounts of information.
  • Through this elixir, one can receive a direct awareness of a true sense of interconnectivity or oneness amongst all beings. This may help someone feel a deeper connection to a flower or an animal. M74 can enhance one's sympathetic resonance with other energies. This system also has been working around the issues of war and violence. So the elixir may help some attune to the workings of the competitive spirit and sense of adventure in a way that promotes peace and coexistence at the same time.
  • This energy helps to increase the willingness for beings to come together, work together, knit together and become one. Use of the elixir will help some to set aside prejudice, coming to a place of deeper love and appreciation of each other. This shift can lead to a setting aside of sexual prejudice, fear of being close to another being, aspects that reduce trust amongst people, and thus allow a deeper sense of interconnectivity. Addictive relationships are healed with a releasing of jealousy as one increases spiritual evolution. With all of this comes a sense of freedom, and a deep appreciation of closeness.
  • In attuning to M87, many may find greater understanding of the deeper issues around competition and around struggles for existence. They would know in a more conscious manner that it is by cooperation or through a caring sense of love or compassion for each other that survival will be assured, not through competition. The competitive frame of mind can be shifted, so that the energy can be one of mutual achievement amongst many beings, a cooperative way of achieving powerful and important ends and goals without hurting anyone.It is suggested that an individual take M87, tune into the positive peaceful helpful energy associated with it, and think of someone in the world, someone that could use some shift or energy of this nature, who could become more peaceful, who could release some connection in their identity to that aspect of war or hatred or fear or struggle. Then take the next step, turn the energy around and ask in yourself: in what way in your life are you like that person? In what way do you have some issue that is similar, some aspect of your own identity in which you hold some aspect of fear or ego? What can you do to change it? How can you shift it?Under M87's influence you may find answers in areas you had not seen possible before, and in this way make this energy more personal; and then turn it around again, taking what you have learned and sending it out into the world as if to touch anyone in the world that might need to work on such a similar issue.
  • The principal aspect of this energy has to do with one's development of a deeper awareness of the higher self. This will allow a greater ease for most in working with and listening to that place within. Sometimes this energy may lead to a challenging place of seeing things in a whole new light, or in ways that you have never imagined before. M9 helps people to work with this higher-self energy in a nurturing and fulfilling manner. As one contemplates the tasks one has set before oneself, M9 will give greater ease, forgiveness, and patience for such tasks, while at the same time boosting the energy associated with such tasks.M9 helps people to work with this higher-self energy in a nurturing and fulfilling manner. As one contemplates the tasks one has set before oneself, M9 will give greater ease, forgiveness, and sense of patience for such tasks, while at the same time boosting the energy associated with such tasks.

  • Some additional attunement to the purpose of the Milky Way galaxy as a single entity is enhanced. Use of this star can assist in understanding the nature of our Sun and its interplay with the Earth as well as all the other stars in the Milky Way. In this way, they can be made more familiar and useful.
  • These stars have some physical proximity, and over time there has been some cross seeding, interrelationship, and action of some of the beings associated with many of the planets associated with M93 to learn from each other. One of the projects was to examine civilizations all over this galaxy and nearby galaxies, and some of the beings associated with M93 have taken some particular interest in Earth. Many of the things that were discovered were initially quite difficult for these beings to assimilate, initially finding many of the aspects of human consciousness and human civilization repulsive, repugnant, frightening, disgusting, etc. Some of the stars in this cluster contain library planets where a great deal of information about many civilizations has been compiled.

    For some of these, some excitement in the last 250 years has led them to appreciate the existence of humans in ways that were initially quite controversial. The result of this is that a small group of beings from several of the stars in M93 have formed a community project, an opportunity to learn more about humans, and at the same time come to help them. Different stars as part of the cluster are broadcasting energy towards human existence and Earth at this time.

    These broadcasts have within them specifically the area of self-love for people. It is observed amongst the beings who have sensitivity to this associated with M93 that humans who are unable to fully deeply love and appreciate themselves are at the core of many of the energies that create the waves of emotion that were so repulsive and difficult for them to understand and work with in the past. The beings of the higher vibration, the more loving beings on your planet, those with capacity to better forgive and understand each other, are those that have changed this relationship.

    The sense of sport, comradeship, camaraderie, help, may be that which becomes available gradually as people attune to M93. This can be helpful as an encouraging energy within ones own heart to find the sense that one has a place in the universe, that ones own energy can stimulate answers in the heart in a loving way, not previously available.

  • With this elixir comes an energy to help people understand their own cycles and to move through them more consciously. New relationships to plants, animals, other people, to yourself, to your future self, and to your past self, all will be benefited from this energy. There is some assistance in helping some move ahead in finding more of their own life tasks. The throat chakra is stimulated with an added impetus to express oneself more easily. By tuning into M96, previous mistakes by others may be avoided, especially in areas of politics, administration, and other leadership situations.
  • M82 elixir can help individuals understand the true nature of unborn potential, the aspect by which tremendous energy can seem to be available in nothingness. Though there are paradoxes rife throughout this understanding, it is a Zen-like appreciation that often results from repeated use of M82. It can be used well with the elixir M81 to create a deeper connecting energy relating to one specific being, an extraterrestrial guide or helper, a being that is from one of these places.As these galaxies have been interacting for a very long time, their combined energies are full of potential, and bring all kinds of new possibilities for people. This can provide a new way to see each other, to love each other, a way to transform one's marriage or one's interaction with other people, with pets, or with the Earth, or perhaps even a capacity to approach life from a whole new direction. This ability to shift context is only a tiny component of this energy, but is clearly helpful to humanity at the current time. With continued use of these elixirs, there can be a powerful blending of higher chakra forces, with the eleventh and twelfth chakras particularly swirled, blended, and worked with for most people.
  • The energy of this galaxy can increase the ability of people to change their vibrations and translocate. This is a psychic gift that is not easily developed on Earth. Those interested in ways to change their location to another by apportation will benefit from this elixir.
  • This energy can be especially effective when confronting a problem and seeing it in a new light and deciding what to do about it. What can be most useful is finding out what is right about it, thus seeing a problem in a more positive and helpful manner, and shifting one's consciousness away from the purely negative. What is achieved is a greater sense of peace, an awareness of other possibilities, and an enhanced ability to see things in a more loving light. This elixir helps one to see the positive in any situation, no matter how grave or how difficult. A great sense of forgiveness is generated from this place, bringing the energies of the heart, the third eye, and the second chakra all together.
  • As the case for many galaxies, there are many civilizations in M85. Much of the energies that they have worked with in their own development are focused on the other stars, systems, civilizations As a result, these 6 have established a pattern amongst several hundred of the stars in M85 to pulse and project powerful, positive and uplifting energies towards humanity.

    These are principally concerned with one single issue, that which has been of constant focus for many of the people of these civilizations, particularly in their early stages of development in M85, the issue relating to war: every aspect of it, every way in which it can be studied, all of the ways in which it relates to the internal war, the opportunity to change it for people, to understand and shift these aspects of consciousness associated with war.

    This has led at times to great sadness amongst people who have witnessed destruction of entire civilizations and great joy as civilizations have survived, birthed others, and worked through various energies. But a large portion of the work has been associated with the mental aspect, understanding the true nature of the mind in creating belief patterns, various ways of filtering and working with those patterns that then lead inevitably to war.

    As you bring your hands near them, sense that there is an energy there that says, peace in an active way can be found on this planet. This is a useful invocation for the M85 energy to be brought in. All elixirs of the stars have this property: some shift in consciousness associated with a chakra having a slightly more powerful effect than with flower essences and gem elixirs. We observe this, as people are able to use them, that this ability to receive is enhanced.and beings in the local area throughout M85. However there has been a development of 6 of these civilizations into a capacity of higher consciousness that is still physical.

    As these beings have asked this larger question about the galaxies around them, they are aware of the Milky Way and of some of the important developments with humanity. These are of course of minor concern by comparison to the important energies of the various civilizations within M85, but some of these civilizations have recognized that all beings, everywhere in the entire universe do deserve assistance, benefit, understanding, and awareness.

  • Ain [Epsilon Tauri] Gaia Understanding Ain has sixteen planets orbiting it that have been with it for a long time. Geologists who have investigated this system have found a wide variety of unusual materials in some of these planets. Beings from other parts of the galaxy have investigated and worked with some of the materials found in these planets, and from this have been able to reconstruct and make interesting records and understanding about many aspects of planetary geology, attunements between stars, various connections to center of galaxy and many other things.

    One of the planets, known as モMoreeshtaヤ has had an interesting history in itself that relates to a high degree of intelligent cooperation and understanding between sentient beings such as humanoid and various human beings, and various other structuresラplanets, stars, asteroids, comets. This is an interesting area of study. Most people in their attunement to Gaia have awareness of her needs, capacity to interact with the plants, animals, and people who inhabit her, but at the same time do not really understand her intrinsic nature. Part of this group of planets and Moreeshta especially is devoted to this deeper level of understanding, a capacity within which people can come to see, feel, hear, various aspects of consciousness with the planets. An understanding of this with relationship to Mars and Venus would be helpful to many people; to use elixir of Ain in order to assist this seems obvious.

    Use of Ain elixir would naturally encourage people to tune in better to earth, to their own sense of their connection to Earth, and the various ways in which earth connection has affected their own reality. Sometimes this can be shocking, people having a great deal of difficulty receiving what Earth is trying to say, finding that they had perhaps years in the past of study and understanding about Earth herself, and in this reality they are ignoring what this has as an implication for philosophy, for deeper communication, for love, for spiritual attunement.

  • This star does seem to have important benefits, as it has become a sort of nexus of accumulation of high vibrational electrical energy. This appears to have capacity to change consciousness in an instant.

    One of the important lessons that has been discussed and worked with amongst those associated with the fourth planet is that of time, the nature of time, how it works, time travel not so much because of the difficulties of this, certainly as you are well familiar with from your science fiction and other attributes in western civilizationメs development in Earthメs civilization, but time compression, expansion or dilation, opportunity to shift it on many levels.

    It has been seen how humanityメs ability to work with this could be altered in a positive and helpful way, yet the full understanding of this should be gentle, it should come to humanity a little at a time. So for a while at least, the emanations from this star will be for individuals to see how they might have a better relationship to time themselves, to feel it more easily amongst their own family relationships, interaction with other people, and so on, with the particular application of knowing that there is enough time to accomplish what is needed, to grow, to learn, to love, but what ever it is that could indeed be manifested within the capacity for individuals to have a sense of themselves growing, their opportunity to have an awareness of so many different aspects of their own consciousness is very strongly compressed when they think there isnメt enough time, they canメt possibly accomplish everything they need to.

    Time can be shifted; you have the experience of this in dreams. It is an intriguing and persistent issue for people that their sense of time is changed dramatically when they dream. But one of the great lessons from this civilization is for you to have a sense of grace, of an opportunity to experience time in a way that is most appropriate for you, not for how you think the world needs to respond to you, but how you may know this and you may have a deeper sense of opportunity, love, compassion, caring, and assistance for yourself.

  • This satellite star is an artificial energy source. The positioning of this was necessary when the central sun of Chi-1 Orionis sent out a call for help about 11,000 years ago. At the same time as various very powerful changes were happening on Earth, shifting of civilizations, energy, and other things, this star requested assistance as it was experiencing some reaction to a variety of energies that could best be described as emotional.

    This is of course a big stretch given the entirely different sort of consciousness of a star, but the solution to this was the establishment of an absorbing and emitting body that would be able to gradually stabilize these energies. When this was established, a significant excess of energy was available; this was necessary in order to create this companion, and the result of this was an energy that spread throughout this section of the galaxy and was extremely helpful as inspiration and continuing as power for building of the pyramids. When the pyramids were created, the pyramids now located in what is termed Giza plateau in the country that is now Egypt, when these were created, the various energies associated with this as understood by the Atlantian colony were very different from the energies of today, and one contributing factor was indeed this profound and helpful energy provided by this companion star.

    These energies have been available for a considerable period of time, but gradually weakened, until by now these energies are of a relatively small contributing factor. Still as people use the elixir of this star, they may have a sense inside that they are being provided with supplemental energy, a sense that many new possibilities emerge for them. This can be particularly helpful when athletic performance is sought to be enhanced. When people want to feel stronger, when they want some degree of healing and regeneration in the body, this also may be helpful.

  • M97 has some fascinating characteristics to enable higher degree of consciousness expansion and awareness for those studying and working with all principles of polarity, the principle of two-ness, opportunity for yin and yang, various forces that work for the creative process.

    This ability to work with this initial division from oneness into two-ness, has been the basis of many aspects of your galaxy and many adjacent galaxies in the highly common development of genders in mammalian and related life-forms and the ways in which these gender divisions have provided a high degree of speedup of evolution and capacity for brain development and other things through mammalian species.

    Similarly such polarities have provided all kinds of interesting philosophical aspects of study, as has of course shown up in your own Taoist teachings, various teachings working with the opposition forces, and of course the widespread focus on learning through the capacities of archetype of male and female. You can see this as a sort of analogy or bridge to other societies and civilizations. In studying and working with polarity-based energies at many levels, a great deal of study and controversy has shown up.

    Some societies elsewhere having discovered and worked with some of these energies, saw immediately that it was absolutely necessary to come back to the state of oneness as rapidly as possible, that only through such would a clear sense of the fulfillment or development of higher capacities within that society, ability to change to higher vibrational levels, etc, be embodied and possible.

  • The beings that have colonized one of these planets are somewhat humanlike and are descendents of a blend of several races. These beings have capacity to understand movement and aesthetics in ways that are difficult for people to work with.

    The whole idea of such an aesthetic balance or an understanding of beauty is primarily that which humans recognize is relating to spatial concepts, aspects of the three dimensional world, various shapes and forms, and the ways of various electromagnetics as they reflect or are transmitted by i.e. color, and the way in which this relates to the mathematical understandings of symmetry, movement, beauty, and spatial representation.

    You could imagine taking this to the next dimensional level where the higher dimensional level, that which is just below that of the threshold of human everyday consciousness and awareness, these aspects of form, interaction, movement, etc, understood from such a level, this gives you a sort of sense of where these beings operate from.

    The sense of understanding of this for them actually goes to a higher dimensional level than this, and thus the understanding of aesthetics in this sense is beyond that of human capacity to work with directly.

    An elixir of 36 Ophiuchi has the capacity to bring some awareness into a person of perfection of placement, beauty, the nature of the underlying energies associated with feng shui principles. But it does much more than this, it also alerts you to an understanding of movement in a way in which you sense it, in which it comes more directly into your consciousness, in which it is not any longer an external, but somehow is something internalized or created in your own sense of yourself.

    Sometimes this can be a useful tool when individuals are seeking artistic inspiration or a deeper understanding, particularly about movement, before falling asleep when they can do this in a way in which they do not have a fixed idea as to how it will show up, in which they can simply welcome it.

    Some of the beings associated with this group have some specific goals and aims for people, ways in which they may be able to access this or work with it. So anyone involved in art, music, dance, even writing arts, any of these may be powerfully, helpfully, lovingly influenced by this elixir, so they might indeed enjoy this.

  • After civilizations developed within this system, they returned to pour energy into the colder planets within these star systems. As a result, these are energies that can have a powerful healing nature for people where a dualistic frame of mind is important, seeing oneself gradually shifting deeply held beliefs or ideas from one mode to another. This seems inevitably helpfully encouraged and assisted by this star. The idea of making transitions here and working with energies in a gradual patient way, to move from one level, one development to another, appears to be natural in the way in which the interaction with these stars has affected these people.

    Of course they have many other interests, many ways in which these energies are helpful and utilized by other civilizations. But sent towards Earth, the specific patterns that are now being focused on relate to the development of all of humanity as it proceeds to a new renaissance, a new awakening in consciousness that would include and accept the non-physical realities.

    As these beings moved into higher realities, they naturally understood so much more of the non-physical realms, and recognized that encouragement towards those in physical realms to include and accept the non-physical was therefore a key part of development of consciousness. Humanity is poised, waiting, ready to accept and receive these energies.

    One of the initial efforts of these beings, to encourage people to share their data, to become more aware of all of the ways that the non-physical realities interpenetrate the physical, and the other way too, that is, the physical interpenetrating with the higher vibrational, and that all of these energies to become more aware, more recognized, more accepted, more utilized, and ultimately therefore re-manifested as part of the whole idea of existence itself.

    Utilizing the elixir of these stars while at the same time running vibration up and down in the body, receiving positive helpful energy, connecting to ones sense of the Earth or of source, and running this as a raising sort of energy, or simply doing tメai chi or chi gung at the same time, this sort of thing would be a natural powerful synergistic interrelationship, and would be helpful for people raising their energy and working in these arenas, so that some of their physical energy can be added to the concept of the next step of humanityメs embracing of the physical and non-physical realities.

  • There is a civilization that has been associated with this star for about the last 600 Earth years that is a direct offshoot of beings associated with Deneb. These beings have colonized the fourth planet orbiting 70 Ophiuchi. And this has been for purpose of getting a completely different perspective, seeing things in ways that could not be possible in most of the other places in this galaxy.

    These former Denebians have a capacity for shifting their own consciousness in ways in which it is possible that deeper feelings of love, compassion, caring, will emerge. When you use the elixir, there will be a positive aspect that comes from this.

    You are asked to examine how do you love, in what way does love manifest in your life, how does this show itself, how do you express it, in what ways do you know it, in what ways are you then called on to use it to heal others, to assist on your planet, to do things that are of meaning and value to you?

    This question has great importance to the beings then working with these energies, they need to know how do we love, how does this work, how does this happen. And it does demonstrate to some extent the influence that human beings have in this section of the galaxy: the ability to work with these energies, to share them.

    One very important positive attribute here is that an attunement to oneness, an attunement to infinity, an attunement to awareness or pure consciousness can be influenced by this star, using the elixir and then going to a higher state of consciousness can provide this. It can allow you a sense that there is a deeper level of love than you have examined before. In addition to this, the energies associated with this star may encourage individuals naturally and easily to come to a place of deeper forgiveness of themselves and other people, and of a willingness for that forgiveness to have a positive helpful ability to heal.

    Healing abilities can often run along with love, and in ways that that healing loving energy may be felt more powerfully, this starlight elixir could be useful.

  • This star has the capacity to help people in the taking on of entirely new roles, seeing themselves in ways in which they had never seen themselves before. Many of the beings of this place have had opportunity in the past to change themselves radically; and in doing so, have come to new understandings. This elixir can be of great help to any in the acting profession. Directors and producers of various productions can also be assisted. The elixir can also enhance one's ability to let go of self-imposed roles, roles in which one finds oneself trapped. This is for discovering new ways of being, even avoiding previous assumptions on how one should be.

  • Deeper awareness of the connection between parent and child will be noted for many individuals. This can be especially clarified at an emotional level for many. There can be assistance with children who have difficulty connecting emotionally or bonding with the parents, as if then there is felt a great deal of love, but difficulty in communicating or in understanding limits. This can occur at many different time periods in child development, some of the time periods, age 4 or 5 can be quite difficult, and as if set the tone or sow the seeds for some difficulties that are later felt at ages 14, 15, or 16, these observed as rebellious teenagers.

    This star used in the early time will have far greater effect than if only used in the teenage years, but even in the teenage years there can be benefit. The parent can use the starlight elixir just as well as the child; both using it has a combined and multiplied effect. It is also observed here that at some point the child may have an important message or lesson to give to the parent.

    Here again this starlight elixir can be quite helpful, as if then promoting an easier way of communicating between these two. It is useful to observe that if this is the case, that a communication from the child to the parent is an important issue, it is beneficial if, at least as an experiment, the two individuals would in their own imagination exchange roles: the parent becoming as if then young, looking and listening with the eyes and ears of a child. And the child would imagine him or herself wise in years, and with a great deal of understanding, able to transmit this to the parent.

  • There is some agreement or concordance amongst some of the beings who inhabit a number of planets in this region that the awareness of appropriate balanced technological development is of critical importance for humanityメs survival. A number of planets have been reduced, destroyed, burnt out as result of misuse of such understanding of technology. The deeper implications of all technology are being transmitted.

    This group of stars, represented best by Delta Tauri, will enable people to better accept and work with all forms of technology, balancing this, having the appropriate way for this to make its way for people in the world is different from some of the ancient experiments and understanding because people have within their own emotional makeup a stronger sense of connection, awareness of their own need for appropriate balance in emotion. So how can this huge gap between emotional well being and technological well being be created, how can this huge gap be bridged, how can such an energy be known to people in a way that is comfortable for them.

    But at the higher vibrational level, a new energy is coming into humanity; this is connected to a truth in advertising movement, and a deeper acceptance of the willingness people have to hear advertising that is the truth, and completely reject that which is simply salesmanship. At the same time, this is helping people take steps towards appropriate balancing technology with the energies of emotion. A reduction of the negative influences of electromagnetic radiation will be noted. This is a helpful elixir for people to take when they are overexposed to various forms of technology of any form.

  • Epsilon Eridani Potential There is a conference going on on Epsilon Eridani currently in development of utilization of their fourth and sixth planets for human type civilization in the future, this program is being accelerated, and there is some attention on the fourth planet in preparation for earth beings to incarnate there. This may be in as little as 2000 years. There is little in the way of direct broadcasting coming from this place; because it is so close however, direct broadcasting is not necessary in order for people to receive some of the benefit of this star. Hence there is likely to be greater and greater attention in this arena over the next few decades by scientists, astronomers, and others. Eventually it will be one of the first targets for extra-solar exploration; unmanned at first, later with various journeys that can take place over a reasonable period of time, utilizing technologies that humans have not yet developed, but are still in the prototyping stages. In the meantime, what would be termed terra-forming and preparation of these places for potential human colonization is going on. In the meantime, for people to use this star can be interesting, bringing to them a sense of potential, many possibilities, a sense that they could expand their consciousness in areas they had previously not considered possible. Where this can be particularly valuable is in the foundation or beginning of communities, communities based on service or any kind of community where people wish to bring together energies from many different levels for potentials as yet unknown, recognizing the opportunity that this would bring, the love it might share, the assistance it might bring to others, but not knowing where this would eventually end up. As one utilizes this as an elixir, one may find that that sense of ability to help others is also present, and thus the potential that might be available to children through teaching and to forming community can be strengthened.

  • Beings who have associated themselves with Lynx have a highly evolved sense of their own subtle nature, able to make a sense of appearance or disappearance, becoming physical and nonphysical with great ease. The capacity to bring this subtle energy into form as would need be and then immediately dissipate it has led them to a sort of awareness of soul consciousness that has a direct parallel in new techniques in information and radio science on Earth called spread spectrum.

    In the spread spectrum technique, energies distributed over a very wide variety of frequencies, so wide in fact that when that spectrum is received it is primarily perceived as noise, as moving in all directions with all different components unless the same sort of filter that was applied initially to spread that information across the spectrum is then utilized to filter it back into its original components. In this sense these beings have learned how to become very subtle, spread their energy across many aspects of vibration, areas you wouldnメt even consider alive or animal, plant, human, or any of the rest, yet be able to draw it together fairly rapidly as need be under any circumstances.

    When you use the elixir of Lynx or gaze at the star through a telescope you may be filled with this sense of possibility that you can do many things you had not seen possible before, but to do them will require you to not do, to let go, to become more subtle, more spread out, more ephemeral than you had previously and wait until the exact point in which these energies must all be brought together. The sense of timing and how the timing can fit perfectly with the rest of the universe is what may come for many individuals using this elixir. With Lynx, you can more easily tune into as you choose to raise consciousness and learn from your own soul, from these senses of who you are.

  • This star does provide some fascinating and helpful energies with regards to a sense of celebration, as has occurred for several civilizations associated with different locations in Earth; for instance many in the south sea islands, celebration becomes very important. Eventually though this reaches a point where every day is perceived as a celebration.

    When this was indicated as part of this group, there was a sense that something needed to be changed, one could not simply keep up such level of deep appreciation, celebration, awakening, energy of an emotional nature and so on, every day. Then what was incorporated were workdays, a day in which one would put ones energy away from celebration. The result was that during those days a reversed energy became part of the civilization, in which one had a deep appreciation for the opportunity to work.

    This became so important to beings associated with this planet that they began to recognize it as a great and important gift to all beings, that it could be used for healing, how in celebrating one is able to go away from the old patterns, find new ones that are connected to the collective consciousness in a very positive and loving way, but without the trappings of thought or laws or ideas as imposed by the civilization, but the sense of a pure loving, emotional, or higher vibrational energy.

    This celebratory energy could be that which people could access, the star could help them with this, but most importantly is the idea that they would be encouraged to discover their own celebrations, their own way of enjoying the collective, and bring these into consciousness more easily.

  • The sixth planet orbiting this star has an evolution associated with it of a group of beings that encompass 5 genders. These have learned to interact in ways that have evolved their knowledge and understanding of biology, various ways to manipulate, understand, and work with DNA and similar components to the point that they were able to transfer consciousness, awareness, and various important capabilities into silicon based, sulfur based, lithium based, and other compounds, elements, and materials as ways of holding and working with consciousness.

    Tuning into Gamma Serpentis could be a helpful tool for people who wish to increase their understanding of their own DNA, and may find it an awakening principle to do this while gazing at the hand. Although the more typical way one does this is looking at the palm, it is the back of the hand with attention on the fingers, turning the hand over and observing the whorl patterns on the fingertips and the shapes of the fingers themselves that may be a more helpful useful mudra or gesture in understanding and working with some of these positive energies from Gamma Serpens.

    The elixir may engage individuals with a deeper understanding of their own DNA and their own ability to work with it. But it may also help them in understanding the limitations that are created when they artificially seek to put things into male or female, or polarities of yin and yang, or expansive or compressive, or expressive or receptive, or whatever. It is as if the opportunity to work with fiveness can bring a whole new sense of your own reality and your own ability to love, engage others, work with them, and find new ways to communicate. Some strengthening of the fifth and ninth chakras noted for many individuals.

    A sense of creativity, new directions in science, and especially biology may be encouraged. The opportunity to rebalance, restructure, or in various ways renew or regenerate your own DNA may be made available.

  • These beings, from an important planetary civilization, developmentally challenged, left behind after most of their ancestors moved into a higher state of consciousness, have a strong focus on learning what has come before, working with it in the way in which it is most highly developed and understood. Where this can be of profound and important effect to human beings in utilizing the elixir of Iota Persei is to understand and work with this as the understanding from Lemuria and especially Atlantis. Many individuals who are attracted to starlight elixirs are those who have had powerful and important lifetimes in their own Atlantian and Lemurian incarnations. They have a deeper understanding than they do today about many important attributes of society, while at the same time in society today they have many understandings that were never available to them in those ancient times. The blending of these together, the accepting of themselves in this without the necessity to follow that old path, this is often a difficult issue.

    Many engineers attracted to aspects of esoteric science or engineering are doing so simply to recreate, to relive somehow their Atlantian lifetimes, what they learned before; and many of the people that they meet are on a similar path, interacting and recreating, again working out some of the issues, while at the same time bringing forth some of those aspects of science and technology as those which may be healing and helpful tools for humanity. The solution to this is both a giving and receiving, a sharing with humanityメs love with these beings of what is possible, and an awareness in consciousness in themselves of the accepting and learning from your ancestors, from the beings who lived on your planet and used its resources, developed technologies, developed understanding, and that these can be more available to you and shared more easily with other people as well as other beings in other civilizations.

    This also as a group has a deep reverence for a preciousness of life, an understanding of how special and valuable it is, and many individuals may also receive this naturally, finding the elixir energizing and strengthening for this reason.

  • Krueger 60 has some interesting characteristics associated with a small planet that orbits. It has an eccentric orbit that is influenced by the smaller star, and as a result there has been amongst the denizens of this planet a long-term commitment and interest in stellar matters. Having a deeper appreciation of the universe, an awareness of many aspects of the universe in its physical nature, was known to these beings for a long period of their own civilized development.

    They were visited by a number of other beings early on in their own history, and have recognized their importance of learning from others and so on, to the place that they have come to more deeply consider universal law, work with it at every level, looking for symbolism and attunement to it in every form. In particular, they have focused for the last few millennia on the issue of the law of symbols; understanding and working with it in many ways can be helpful. People in the world who come to more deeply comprehend the symbols around them, have a deeper sense of communication and community, the community of the nonphysical beings as well as those around them who present information, artistically, musically, etc, through symbols, but also the sense of this as an energy all in and of itself.

    This is the more difficult part to understand about the law of symbols. Most people as they approach it and work with it, recognize that it is a sort of once removed energy, that the symbols are utilized as a method of communication, but are not the essence, the core, the source of the communication. This is actually not true; the symbols in and of themselves have their own unique meaning, and those that you would then call Kruegerites have opportunity to explain this, to show it to you. beings associated with this star have perceived in the consciousness of their star a powerful beautiful sense: patience, love, ability to send positive helpful energies of encouragement. These they have sensed for a long time, but in a special way, this has related to the smaller of the two stars, as if to nurture it, to bring it into higher levels of consciousness, to gift it. Thus these are also energies that can at times be inspiring and helpful for parents and children to understand how they wish to at times encourage and strengthen their children.

    Doing so by many means can be valuable, but in the teenage years, the children frequently are unreceptive, seeking their consciousness and understanding through independent means to know who they are without the aspect of influence by parents. Krueger 60 can be helpful for such individuals who are then seeking an opportunity to share with their children, and do so with symbols. Such symbolic meaning and understanding about the world can sometimes be presented through poetry, through movement, through gentler or more artistic means than those that the parents have usually considered.

  • 9352 has some interesting characteristics that have been brought to it by a consortium of several beings from other star systems. The intent here is to use it as a broadcast point for some valuable energies for several civilizations in the galaxy, including Earth civilization. These have to do with certain energies relating to the capacity of individuals to have deeper awareness, or intent to receive deeper awareness, of their own soul: the soulメs purpose, its characteristic, its size, its shape, the sense of it.

    How that soul is able to come into ones own deeper awareness is quite unique. The very nature of consciousness itself by its capacity to filter, reduces how you perceive the nature of your own existence, what you have come here for, how you interact with others, what that energy relates to, and so on, all the characteristics that in the current way of thinking have to do with the nature of your soul.

    But the soul itself, the consciousness of beginning itself, the energies that are such a powerful essence that eventually comes into form, are multidimensional, they are by their very nature more than you at a three dimensional level, or in your higher levels of meditation, manifestation, etc, at fourth dimensional level are able to receive. In this sense, one of the important characteristics then that 9352 can provide to people is the opportunity to go beyond their previous limits to understand and receive this energy in a different way.

  • NGC 2264 does appear to provide a wide variety of useful energies in areas of creativity, and especially with an opportunity to have a deep sense of enjoyment. There is one star system within this cluster that has utilized some of the powerful energies available locally in order to provide many opportunities for the civilizations that lived on the many planets.

    One by one, each of them came to their own demise through various energy changes. One of them moved to much higher vibrational levels, finding the incorporation into matter entirely unnecessary. But the one that was left came to a deeper understanding of pleasure, an understanding of the physicality of form, an enjoyment of life, you might say. And to some extent, utilizing the assistance of other beings within this star system, has found a way to project this energy for others to understand. This is rare in the universe.

    Most beings involved with star civilizations, energies, etc, work with higher principles when they wish to broadcast them, because these relate to the evolutionary nature of the civilization itself; if you are involved in a more pleasure oriented society and pleasure-oriented principle, you have very little interest in broadcasting such energies to others. But this civilization, known as モOsanteesヤ in a good translation to human dialect, was able to understand and work with this energy in such a way as to see of its value in sharing it with others in the neighborhood. The energies that they broadcast are to attune people to receiving and knowing certain helpful pleasures: a sense of love or compassion for nature, a willingness to appreciate oneself and others, are some of the more positive attributes of this.

    The difficult side to this is the addictive side, and indeed there are individuals with such a powerful addiction to the more pleasure-full aspects of life that utilization of 2264 would not be recommended, and so this must be used appropriately. However, there are many individuals who are very attracted to spiritual principles or principles relating to higher consciousness, who tend to deny themselves sense of pleasure or understand how this connects to their own awareness of physical body, and for them 2264 could be of value.

  • In the central area of NGC 3242 was a civilization that had followed routes that could be of somewhat similar comparison to that of humanity, and indeed were working with certain ideas, contemporary at the time, approximately 18,000 years ago they came to a critical juncture and moved through a brief war period. During this time, massive explosions caused several changes in their structure.

    The idea being that this would be a reminder of looking more consciously, using ones eye to perceive and understand more consciously about oneself, about ones own inner awareness, about the nature of civilization, and many other matters. As one contacts this, as can be done by looking through a telescope, one may be struck with a certain deep sense of sadness or loss, as there were indeed billions of lives destroyed in this war. However during this destructive energy, there was also formed a constructive helpful energy that had as its basis asking, looking what went wrong, what could have been done differently, how could beings involved have assisted.

    A few of the beings who came to answer these questions more consciously, with greater awareness and understanding, have indeed migrated to other civilizations and reincarnated. In this case, coming through the later Atlantian phase, eventually into Egyptian lives, and some now currently on Earth. Such beings would find that utilization of NGC 3242 can be a tremendous boost to their own health, understanding, and energy on many levels. Which brings us to the next aspect.

    As one works with the elixir, 3242 may bring to some individuals a sense of love that they have not previously felt before; this is from the love or positive helpful energy that is being projected towards this place by various other beings, beings from all over the galaxy, and indeed from many places quite far away, to assist in this project. This is a sort of side effect of this energy, not that the love is specifically designed for humans, but simply as a sort of example or modeling of a universal or higher consciousness unconditional love. As one works with this, one may find that there are certain aspects in life that can be purified, various energies in your own life that can be changed and released, things that are no longer necessary and that could eventually lead to destruction, difficulty or struggle.

    It can be valuable to artists working in the visual realms, as they seek to understand more and receive more; not anymore because of the signature, because of its shape, but because of the beings who have worked with this energy have a lot of wisdom to share with people about how they see the galaxy that you are in, your planet, your sun, such energies as they understand them. In addition, there is a positive force here enabling people to see everything more clearly, receive energy in ways they had not before. The difficult question is whether some of this will actually transfer to a physical level for people.

    It would appear that oxygen is an important part in this process, hence when an individual is seeking to improve vision by utilizing NGC 3242, it would be helpful to do deep breathing exercises first, to increase oxygenation by moving the body, breathing deeply, receiving the sense that they are being fulfilled and strengthened by the air that they breath. It is always best if such air can be relatively pure, that from mountainous regions, areas that are not filled very much with pollution, smoke, etc, so that one does not have the overriding idea that one is in any way harming ones lungs.

    Then to take the elixir, feel the sense that the chest is awakening, that this is moving up into the eyes, that as ones eyes awaken, they see beyond; to imagine that one is seeing what is on the other side of whatever blocks ones vision.

  • This cluster has widely served as training ground and meeting ground for many extraterrestrial civilizations working with some higher vibrational energies. NGC 5053 relates to the development of these higher energy capacities specifically in the area of communication between various beings at various levels. Improved communication between ones helpers and guides and ones self might result from utilization of this in vibrational form or gazing at it.

    The aspects of this however that run much deeper, relate to new forms of communication, forms of communication previously unutilized. In addition, individuals who already have some comfort or familiarity with various higher forms of communication such as receiving energy from guides, or channeling, may indeed benefit from utilizing this cluster, because it shifts some of the energy for them to make it easier to receive energy from areas they had not previously considered possible.

  • This group of galaxies indeed has formed a much closer knit, and from the point of view of the civilizations involved, interconnected whole. The opportunity to be inspired by this by gazing up into the night sky has been shared amongst civilizations within these galaxies for a long time. Many of them having developed to a certain point, evolved and moved into areas that are essentially non-physical, maintaining very little in the way of contact with anything physical, including planets within this area. But some beings have remained simply to be a part of this larger connectivity, this ability to share energies in ways that are for them quite commonplace, but for other beings in other civilizations and in other parts of the universe, a rare occurrence. As these energies are shared, something of a commonality and an opportunity to manifest energies is all known, but many of these energies as they come through bring a sense of evolution that allows the individual in recognizing inherent connectivity, a sort of oneness amongst all, to naturally let go of it, to move on to much higher vibrational levels, move on to areas that cannot be described at anything that you might be familiar with. It is this acceptance of your own evolution towards that which is essentially non-physical, that would generally be assisted by this group of galaxies. In addition, as these energies have formed together, they are co-creating a new energy, something that cannot yet be easily described. Where you have an interest in something entirely new, the formation of a new society perhaps, a new way of government perhaps, a new form of community, this thing that you cannot really understand or work with because it has not come into form yet, this would be assisted very much. The elixir of this group of galaxies could potentially bring forward new possibilities that had never been on your planet, and do so in ways that involve communication, community, assistance between individuals, and so on.