• The primary characteristic that the elixir will provide for people is in the transformation of consciousness, the ability to let go, and the ability to appreciate and understand the true purpose of death as a transition. It has the additional ability to assist people with the process of manifestation. Thus, while contemplating the end of one life, there could be some assistance in transferring ideas and characteristics to future generations, the writing of a will, and even some energy to future lifetimes.
  • There is a spark of consciousness within this cluster that has ignited a shift amongst the many beings that have lived there. This is proceeding as a conscious expansion of energy in various waves throughout the universe. It has only reached Earth recently, coinciding with the seeding of the Egyptian civilization. This elixir can give a generalized sense of higher potential and a sense of a deeper capacity for love and creativity. Some individuals who have difficulty working with certain past lives associated with the early phase of Egyptian civilization will do well with this elixir. It will attune them to some of the seeding and strengthening energies at the levels of consciousness that brought that civilization into form.
  • M100 is as if a tribute to existence, a place to allow some sense of being-ness. Those who are involved in letting go of thought, coming to a place of emptiness and awakening, more of the sense of inner being-ness, will do well to use M100; but they will understand through this that they are connected to all beings, to many aspects of existence.All forms of creativity would be enhanced because the underlying energy is an energy as if of God to know itself, as if of existence to understand why it exists. This is of course a paradox and difficult to understand when spoken in such way, but the very nature of M100 helps one resolve this because there is the feeling inside that existence is good, that there is something about it that is inherently that which provides a deeper understanding, evolution, and awareness; and this understanding can also be useful to others.
  • This galaxy has within it, as each galaxy of course, a wide variety of civilizations, energies of different types, and so on. However there are several with a great deal of attention on the whole business of becoming conscious, not the process that you are familiar with on Earth with the idea of the kingdom of the air, the initial manifestation of coming into matter, but the very idea of consciousness separate from all dimensionality and all physicality allowed to come to a place of a tipping point in which it then manifests physically. When this occurs there is often a huge explosion, the energetic explosion moving out in many directions usually creates an inward energy or a consciousness implosion that draws in all kinds of matter and enables the manifestation of new matter. When this occurs there is a bursting forth of that which will eventually come into form as an actual physical presence. Having the opportunity to explore this and learn about it has given rise to a whole set of ideas that could be termed the rules of creation. And indeed a variety of races at very different levels of evolution and on many different worlds in M101 have indeed looked at this, brought into consciousness the rules of creation, come to understand them and work with them in different ways. Aspects relating to freedom, aspects of interconnectivity and the ability to respond to other energies that are nearby, the sort of developments necessary to take on form and to work with choices around dimensionality, these sorts of rules might be best understood. This is one of the important lessons of M101 for most people: the ability in the new found creativity, to have a sense of comfort, of confidence, of a sense of having always been there or been able to work with that. Not just familiarity because you already know it, but familiarity at the underlying energy or essence level. This creativity can at times lead you into things that would seem way outside your comfort zone, areas that you are normally unfamiliar with or those which push the boundaries of how you think of yourself. And this is generally a very good thing and usually will be that which has a bleed over effect into all areas of your life, encouraging you at times to take risks, nothing here huge, but enough that it might bring into your life something new and wonderful, a possibility, a new energy, and so on. Subsets of this energy relate to miracles, that which is really that which is perhaps already occurring or common under some circumstances, but is considered special or different because of your lack of familiarity with it. The opportunity for you to manifest a miracle in your life via an entirely new pathway or context you had not previously conceived possible, something shows up that you would certainly enjoy and have positive feelings around and would ultimately be helpful. Lastly there does appear within this to be some healing functions, particularly for the areas where left and right brain link up through the brain, and parts of the spine and indeed the entire nervous system, there does seem to be benefit from M101, gazing at it, inviting the creative energies, and especially by taking the elixir.

  • This can be helpful in improving a person's ability to receive messages from the stars, and to perceive wisdom in the energies of other beings. It can allow an individual the capacity to communicate with others of a non-physical nature. Thus it can help you to be clearer and more defined in what you wish to share with your guides, helpers, and extraterrestrials. This elixir will help to inspire community and the ability to work with others.
  • There is development of the deeper awareness of the love and assistance given by the angelic realms, the governing principles of those beings that have directly influenced the formation of the Earth. This elixir can bring a strengthened ability to receive God's wisdom as in a religious experience. The death experience and the difficulties associated with it are eased for the dying person, as well as for those loved ones around them. The birth process is somewhat enhanced, particularly when it is evident that a being of a highly evolved spiritual nature is to be born. Some enhanced state of the channeling of the Elohim is noted with the use of this elixir.
  • The primary use of this cluster is to dispel and change fear-related energies. The elixir is to be used to release long-time fears and other energies holding people back from taking certain risks and working with various beings. M14 can help you understand your fears better, shift your relationship to fear, and show you how to utilize fear as a way to produce change. Combines well with walnut flower essence, in confronting some of these issues.
  • This elixir may assist in the creation of the energies of hope and strength for many people. There is a general strengthening of the interchange of energies between emotional, mental, and aetheric bodies. For this purpose, M15 combines well with Silversword and Lotus elixirs. This cluster enhances a greater ability for people to coexist with each other.
  • What may be transferred in this elixir is a sense of excitement and enthusiasm with regard to new projects, at working with self-change, with birth, and with transformation. This may positively impact conception when one is wishing to be in greater contact with extraterrestrial guides and helpers during the process of pregnancy and birth. This elixir combines well with and enhances the effects of Aldebaran elixir. Increased healing may be possible due to the enhanced communication levels within one-self.
  • Using M104 can be helpful in the understanding of the creative process. It can be used for individuals who have blockages, from childhood or past lives, to certain things they need to learn in order to put their creative ideas into action. The ability to learn these new things will be strengthened, and the various blockages to these learning capacities will come into consciousness.
  • This place can help to bring more consciousness, more awareness to people to see what they are doing to their planet, to understand what must be changed in their civilization, to recognize some higher goal. This can be energy to inspire people who wish to understand themselves better in relation to their government. Individuals then find ways to govern themselves in which higher spiritual aims are shared. There can also be a sense of greater inspiration towards the manifestation of their purpose. This elixir also encourages an understanding of plants and animals at a very deep essence level.
  • In utilizing this elixir, a deepening of the ability to create lasting relationships will be observed. Some strengthening of long-term love bonds will generally be felt, as well. This may manifest as a deeper intimacy, or as an appreciation of one's partner, or it can be extended to family or groups. This will naturally deepen the awareness of groups that work together on spiritual pursuits.
  • Energies from this place enhance the understanding of relationships on all levels. These could be relationships between people or between different types of beings, or between animate and inanimate objects, or between various aspects of space or time. The elixir brings a greater understanding about group relationship, helping people examine how they can better understand each other even when they are from divergent groups with various prejudices against one another. Much of this new awareness is reached by working with the universal law of reflection.This system offers a greater ease in applying the lessons learned and recognizing how one's inner self manifests what is around them. This elixir can help people to slow down, get the larger view, look more carefully, pick up the details, and see the subtler energies associated with inter-relating with each other.
  • Individuals working with regeneration would do well to use this elixir before they actually work with physical reconstruction, inert gas energies, or other regenerative techniques. This way they can be more aware of the underlying genetic structures and prepare the way for the new energies to come.
  • This cluster can enhance the digestive process, and other functions of the body, in order to support brain function. Continued use of this elixir may build up memory function and improve the ability of the brain to correctly interpret information on multi-sensory levels. It may also assist people trying to tune into more recent past lifetimes. It may also help some in charting their future courses in life, thus assisting in the choices of appropriate vocation and relationships.
  • This elixir will enhance any form of communication between people, including spoken, written, or telepathic communication. But most of all, M25 can help people learn to interchange energies in a personal and more relaxed way. Energy can be brought into form more easily, offering greater abilities in art, architecture, music, and poetry, even human relationships. M25 can also help when one is in a rut or needs help in breaking out of a pattern. M25 makes available new possibilities and new ways of structuring the available energy and using what is already present more effectively. This elixir can be combined with Uranus elixir and/or Ulexite elixir to assist sudden shifts in consciousness.
  • There are certain star systems on the perimeter of this nebula that approximate the level of awareness and consciousness of Earth. For this reason, using this elixir can bring a sense of evolutionary purpose into consciousness, an understanding of what will happen next with Earth's civilization. Mistakes that might be made by improper use of technology may be avoided, various new societal constructs may be encouraged, and new shifts in mass-scale economies will be seen through tuning into this nebula.
  • Take this elixir in order to increase the natural inspiration to look more deeply at everything in life to gain the whole aspect of understanding. It can enhance one's ability for inner work, meditation, quietness, and being in the now. What may come through is a deeper understanding of the question and answer process.
  • Energy from this cluster provides an ability to learn from the negativity, from the struggle, from the issues, from what is difficult. A good thing to consider while utilizing M19 essence is the question: What is right about it? This can help bring forth the sense of the perfection, the potential benefit in any aspect of negativity or struggle. This ability to draw forth from it its positive qualities is enhanced when utilizing M19 elixir with a meditation. M19 however also allows individuals a brief period of inner training, perhaps lasting for a half hour or 45 minutes at most.After taking the essence, one might focus for a time on a specific attunement to feel grounded or connected to Mother Earth, or connected to ones family or to ones soul. This can be of value when you are preparing for a potentially difficult or stressful situation. Thus as you imagine the situation, you maintain contact or attunement to a vibrational energy that you know as positive, uplifting, or in some way strengthening.
  • This is a cluster currently being utilized on a temporary basis to broadcast various energies to ease this time of transition on Earth. Thus, it could be helpful when choosing a new place to live. Helps in understanding the purpose of spiritual evolution for individuals as well as for the Earth. May assist with the coordinated efforts of people seeking to create community and a better life for humanity's future.
  • This elixir can assist in the understanding of the inter-dimensional transfer of energies of the mind, body, and spirit. Utilizing it can increase the awareness of the ability to transform and to be nourished through that transformation. A greater feeling of wholeness will occur through its use.
  • This elixir can assist beings in the contemplation of increased global population and the inherent difficulties. It can help many to accept each other to live in peace, but also to find the positive side to this, the opportunity for far greater understanding, deeper appreciation, and deeper joy in the diversities and in the higher population levels. This is the ability to see each other incarnated at the same time and to welcome this, to see of the ways in which people can live together even under what would be seen as crowded conditions, in a place where they can accept and learn to share with each other appropriately. This ability to accept each other in close environments, to reduce stress in areas of overcrowding, to welcome the larger number of souls to come into existence more consciously, are important attributes that M21 confers.Of course the future selves, those beings far in humanity's future who are at such a place where all 50 billion are in incarnation together, project a positive helpful energy to people now, an energy of deeper appreciation for each other, love, peace, and encouragement to share the resources of the planet most appropriately, and M21 enhances the ability to receive this positive helpful energy from your future self.
  • Use of this elixir will enhance the capacity for individuals to shift in their own vibration to attune to the communication of extraterrestrials. It has the ability to ease some of the physical stresses that may occur when channeling extraterrestrial energies. It can also act to encourage others that may have latent channeling abilities, to open that doorway. One hint is that of individuals that have a keen interest in reading the works of extraterrestrials that have been channeled by others.
  • M28 is a highly energetic region being utilized by a variety of civilizations for accumulation of data relating back to the Akashic records, understanding of all that has been and all that will be. Such a powerful manifestation requires large data space, but this is held in several areas of the universe.

    The particular function of M28 is to utilize that energy for the development of energies for people who wish to simulate and work out their potential in future lives, the development of the Akashic energies for that of a practical manifestation of another lifetime. These are utilized by most of the civilizations where reincarnation is widely practiced; this is a minority of the intelligent civilizations in your galaxy, and indeed throughout the universe, but it is of significance because so many associated with the human life stream are involved in the process of reincarnation, not only the people, but those involved with this as guides, helpers, and others, have in many cases some deliberate personal contact with their own past lives, and the idea of having past lives and working through them.

    What it really means of course is that the consciousness changes dramatically as the vehicle holding it changes dramatically, moving from a three dimensional physical vehicle into a higher dimensional non-physical vehicle, and then back again, tends to add certain qualities and strip away certain others. In the meantime, as people work with this elixir, they can come to a deeper appreciation of their own capacity to understand a higher truth as it evolves into their awareness in this life that they can take with them into the intermissive, into the next life, and the next, and the next.

    The development of these inner truths can be difficult, they can sometimes seem to be in opposition to other truths in your life, but to hold them or receive them at any level will generally be quite helpful.